How do you sum time in Crystal Reports?

How do you sum time in Crystal Reports?

  1. Create this formula (@time) to convert all the string fields to time and then to seconds: timevar t:= time({time_field}); (hour(t)*3600) + (minute(t)*60) + second(t);
  2. Create this formula to add all the seconds and convert them back to hh: mm: ss:

How do you calculate days between two dates in Crystal Reports?

Weekends must be excluded from the number of days since no deliveries occur on the weekends. Calculations needed: Days to Ship = Invoice Date – Order Date (Exclude the weekends) Days Late = Invoice Date – Promise(Ship) Date (Exclude the weekends)

How do you subtract two values in a Crystal Report?

Example: Need to find the difference between the stock sale amount and the broker’s fee.

  1. Select Insert, Field Object from the menu bar.
  2. Select Formula Fields and click New.
  3. Double-click the field to be subtracted from.
  4. Enter a minus (-) sign.
  5. Double click the field to subtract.
  6. Save and close the formula.

How do you sum HH mm in C#?

Add method. TimeSpan s1 = TimeSpan. Parse(“0:15”); TimeSpan s2 = TimeSpan. Parse(“0:45”); TimeSpan s3 = s1 + s2; // not tested; should work.

Is there a date and time function in Crystal Reports?

There are also built-in date and time functions that return just parts of date and time fields and that convert other data types to date or time fields. When Crystal Reports performs math on date-only fields, the result of the calculation is in whole days.

How can I simplify date conversion in Crystal Reports?

This greatly simplifies date conversion in Crystal Reports. For example, if your legacy database contains dates in string fields formatted as mm/dd/yyyy, simply use the following: There may be times when DateValue can t properly evaluate a date string, due to misspellings or other nonconforming string contents in a database field.

How do I return fractional days in Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports returns fractional days if fields in the formula are date/time fields. For example, if you subtract a date-only field containing the value May 1, 2002, from a date-only field containing the value May 5, 2002, the result will be the whole number 4.

How can I calculate a date in the future in Crystal?

Crystal Reports provides the Visual Basic “like function DateDiff in both syntaxes to do more flexible date math. An example of using DateDiff to exclude weekends from this type of calculation can be found in Crystal Reports online Help. Search for DateDiff function. You can calculate a date in the future.