How do I report someone to Garda?

How do I report someone to Garda?

Contact the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111. Contact Crimestoppers on 1800 250 025. Staffed by members of the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Crimestoppers guarantees anonymity and offers cash rewards for information.

What happens when you make a statement to the police?

A statement is a written or in certain circumstances a video-recorded account of what happened. A statement can be used as evidence in court. Before making any statement, the officer will ask questions to find out exactly what happened.

How do I write a statement to the police?

A statement is simply a written account of your experiences: from the lead up to your arrest to after you were released from the police station. Write in chronological order. Focus particularly on what led up to your arrest, your interaction with police, and any mistreatment in custody.

Can I text the Gardaí?

Yes. The 112 SMS service lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the Republic of Ireland send an SMS text message* to the Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS) where it will be passed to An Garda Síochána, the ambulance service, the Fire service, or the Irish Coastguard.

Do you have to give a statement to Gardaí?

The following words must be spoken by the Gardaí before they are allowed to take a statement from a suspect: “You are not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so, but anything you say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence.” These words are known as the caution.

Do you have to make a statement to the Gardai?

Can I withdraw my statement to the police?

How to change or withdraw your statement. Tell the police officer in charge of the case as soon as possible. The police will probably want you to give evidence in court to help settle the case. If you want to withdraw your statement because you’re worried about giving evidence, you should tell the police how you feel.

How do you make a statement?

How to write a personal statement

  1. Write a personal introduction. Write an introduction that reflects you and your personality.
  2. Expand on relevant skills, interests and experiences.
  3. Write a strong conclusion.
  4. Proofread and edit.

How do you text emergency services?

How to send a text to 911

  1. Open your mobile phone’s text messaging program.
  2. Enter the numbers 911 in the “To” field.
  3. Type a message with the location of the emergency (including city) and the nature of the emergency (what is happening and whether you need police, fire or medical aid).
  4. Press the “Send” button or arrow.

How do you text 999 in an emergency?

How to register your phone for text SMS. Register your mobile phone with the service before an emergency happens. Simply text ‘Register’ to 999. Wait for the reply so you know you are registered, usually you are asked to confirm that you’d like to register and the original message wasn’t sent by mistake.

What are the rules for giving a statement to the Gardaí?

While there are nine rules, the main purpose of them is to ensure that any suspect who is going to make a statement to the Gardaí must be informed of their right to silence by way of the caution.

Can you record an interview with the Gardaí?

your interview with the Gardaí must be electronically recorded, if the necessary equipment is present in the station. You can read more about about detention after arrest here. For the courts and the suspect, it provides them with proof as to whether or not statements were made voluntarily.

What happens if you refuse to sign a Garda statement?

If you refuse to sign the statement the Gardaí insert the words “Declined to sign” and the reasons for refusing are also included. In the case of an illiterate suspect (that is, someone who cannot read or write), he/she is asked to make a mark in place of a signature.