How did seska leave Voyager?

How did seska leave Voyager?

She escapes Voyager using a voice-activated transporter program, known as Command XJL, to quickly transfer over to one of the nearby Kazon ships. Attempts to get her back fail and Janeway quickly realizes that they are going to soon be outnumbered by Kazon ships from all over if they remain.

Are Kazon and Klingon related?

Klingons probably got started sooner then the kazon, but some number of years ago with some different configuration of forehead ridges, the Klingons were the same as the kazon. Klingons and kazon are seriously just mean pakleds that are more successful.

What happened to seska?

Seska was killed when the Voyager crew retook the ship from the Kazon. Culluh escaped, taking their son with him.

Who was the traitor on Voyager?

Michael Jonas
Neelix eventually discovers that the real traitor is Michael Jonas, a Maquis engineer. Jonas locks down Engineering, injures Neelix, and attempts to draw Voyager into a trap laid by Kazon forces.

Was Seska really pregnant?

She later explained that “when I first started I was Seska the Bajoran Maquis member and they sort of worked everything else up in soap opera fashion.” Hackett became pregnant, which was written into Seska’s character. Her character underwent a sex change from male to female as part of a divine miracle.

What happened to the Kazon after Voyager?

In their final major appearance, the Kazon successfully commandeer Voyager, but are eventually forced to surrender and retreat. The alien species have minor cameo appearances and references in the show’s subsequent seasons, and have also been included in Star Trek Online and novels set in the Star Trek universe.

Did the Borg assimilate the Kazon?

Because The Borg could see just like the cast, crew and fans of Voyager that the Kazon were nothing but cretinous, inept, bumbling, technologyless bullies that were not worthy of anything yet alone assimilation. The Kazon are amongst the worst of the worst aliens created in Star Trek.

Does Paris leave Voyager?

Tom Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian space convoy. Tom Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian space convoy.

What happened to Seska’s child?

In Star Trek Online, Seska’s child is now fully grown and named Sessen (β), has taken over his father’s role as First maje of the Kazon-Nistrim. He carries on his parents’ vendetta against Starfleet and blames them for his mother’s death.

What Indian tribe is Chakotay from?

Despite first being named as a Sioux, and later a Hopi, Chakotay was given no tribal affiliation at the start of the series, something that was later resolved in the episode “Tattoo”. The character first appeared in the pilot episode of the series, “Caretaker”.