Why was The Royals Cancelled?

Why was The Royals Cancelled?

E! cancelled the series after four seasons in August 2018. Additionally, Lionsgate Television was shopping the series to other networks with discussions for a pick-up by sister network Pop, but on September 24, Lionsgate Television failed to find a new home for the series and was officially cancelled.

How does The Royals series end?

As fans (aka Loyals) will recall, the show’s fourth season finale — which ultimately served as its series finale, following its sudden cancellation — ended with Robert (Max Brown) becoming King of England, Jasper (Tom Austen) and Eleanor (Alexandra Park) getting pre-engaged, Violet unexpectedly reuniting with Cyrus ( …

Does Robert Love Willow?

The Royals doesn’t show what he says to her, but one theory is that he is finally honest with Willow. He’s been so focused on being a king that he hasn’t really opened himself up to actually love her.

Does Eleanor end up with Jasper?

In a move that mirrors the real British royalty, The Royals host the royal wedding of King Robert and Willow in the Season 4 finale. So even though Jasper and Eleanor don’t end up getting married in the Season 4 finale, it seems like their wedding could be on the horizon.

Why was Ophelia written off The Royals?

If you recall, she had originally wanted to run away with Prince Liam, but knowing how selfish it would’ve been on his part, Liam decided to do the noble thing and let her go.

Who does King Robert marry The Royals?

The relationship between King Robert Henstridge and Queen Wilhelmina Henstridge started when they first met after his return from the island in the episode The Counterfeit Presentment Of Two Brothers. They get engaged in Season 4 and get married in the season finale.

Who does Liam end up with in The Royals?

Kathryn and Liam are still together on The Royals and all of those shenanigans with Robert in the last episode were just a ruse. Liam and Cyrus are apparently still working together to bring Robert down and Liam recruited his girlfriend for their mission.

What happened to Ophelia in The Royals?

In the Season 1 finale, Ophelia was left back in New York, where she has been hired to become part of a prestigious dance company. Prince Liam decided that it would not be fair to ask her to run away with him and abandon her dreams. He dropped her off and flew back to London to face his family and their problems.

Why does Ophelia leave The Royals?