Why buy a KoAloha ukulele?

Why buy a KoAloha ukulele?

Aloha City Ukes is proud to be an Authorized KoAloha Ukulele Dealer as they are one of our favorite brands. KoAloha has a unique bracing structure that makes their ukes super strong and gives them that famous KoAloha tone. They also play amazing all the way up and down the neck which makes you want to play for hours.

What is a koa soprano uke?

KSM-02 Koa Soprano Long Neck The long neck soprano, or super soprano as it’s sometimes called, is a soprano size body with a concert length scale. It has a soprano sound with a bit more brightness and a little more range with four more frets. KSM-T2 Koa Soprano Tenor Scale The T2 is like no other uke we know of.

What is kokoaloha’s soprano?

KoAloha’s soprano has always been a popular instrument for us because it’s “open” and loud with plenty of dynamic ability normally only available in larger instruments. It’s a breeze to play and just a really fun and beautiful little uke.

Is the KoAloha tenor from Hawaii Music supply any good?

I bought my KoAloha tenor from Hawaii Music Supply three years ago. It’s so good that I’ve ended up selling all my other ukuleles! Two of which were Martins. KoAlohas are freaking great! Reply Jack October 19, 2017 at 4:54 pm I actually spent hours listening to the different ukuleles on TheUkuleleSite.com before purchasing one.