Who is Yorkland controls?

Who is Yorkland controls?

In business for over 45 years, Yorkland Controls has roots in distributing and warehousing heating control products such as Flame Safeguard and Burner and Boiler Management Systems. Over the past several years, we have expanded into new markets including Building Automation, Lighting, Security and Energy Services.

Why Yorkland lighting solutions?

With the revolutionary integration of Configurable safety and programmable logic. Customized for virtually any application in any industry. Yorkland is proud to represent Blue Ridge Lighting Solutions and Unified Lighting Control. A BacNet lighting control system that is Building Automation System friendly

Can Yorkland controls help with energy saving incentives?

Yorkland Controls can assist customers with the various Energy Saving Incentives provided by the Federal and Provincial Government and utilities. We can assist with your applications. Contact us [email protected]

Why choose Yorkland?

Yorkland can provide the product, the solution and the support for a wide variety of process and commercial building control applications. Following is our complete line card divided by markets served and by products: