Who bought out Natural Balance dog food?

Who bought out Natural Balance dog food?

The J.M. Smucker Company
— Following its recent acquisition of Natural Balance from The J.M. Smucker Company in January, Nexus Capital Management has announced a “robust pipeline of new specialty products” for the brand, as well as a focus on supporting and maintaining its core products, food quality, safety and pet health.

Where is Natural Balance dry dog food?

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods is an American pet food manufacturer with its headquarters located in Burbank, Los Angeles, California….Natural Balance Pet Foods.

Type Subsidiary
Website naturalbalanceinc.com

Is Natural Balance a premium dog food?

About Natural Balance Since 1989, we’ve created premium dog and cat foods based on sound nutritional science. Our food and treats are made with quality ingredients and premium animal proteins.

Is natural balance being discontinued?

J.M. Smucker Co. found someone to take its dog and cat food brand Natural Balance. The premium brand, which generated $220 million in sales last year for the Orrville pet and people food company, is being sold off after being part of Smucker for about five years.

Is Natural Balance Made in USA?

This dog food is manufactured in the USA. The manufacturer will source their high-quality ingredients within the United States depending on availability.

Does Natural Balance cause heart disease?

We also want to alert readers to the fact that, in late June 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified Natural Balance as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. None of those 16 brands have been recalled as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation, though.

Is natural balance a good dog food?

Natural Balance has formulated a dog food that helps overweight dogs to reduce their calorie intake and help trim up some of the unwanted/unneeded fat. One of the biggest pluses for this particular line of dog food is the fact that it contains 17% fewer calories per cup than Natural Balance Ultra Premium Dog Food.

What is the healthiest dry dog food?

Healthiest Dry Dog Food. The best dry dog foods have meat listed as the first four ingredients. Dogs are naturally carnivorous and need the high protein. Avoid meat by product as ingredients. Good dry dog foods are grain free. While dogs can digest small amounts of grain, they can not digest too much of grain.

What are the ingredients in natural balance?

Natural Balance Ingredients. The carbohydrates in Natural Balance dog food formulas mostly come from sources such as oatmeal, barley, rice and potatoes. Some formulas have a meat as their first ingredient, though meat meals are usually farther down the list.

What is natural balance?

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