Which stadium is big Sharjah or Abu Dhabi?

Which stadium is big Sharjah or Abu Dhabi?

Sharjah Cricket Stadium
The Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Arabic: ملعب الشارقة للكريكيت) is in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. It holds the record for the most ODIs hosted in a venue with 240 ODIs up to December 2019….Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Ground information
First ODI 6 April 1984: Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Last ODI 8 December 2019: United Arab Emirates v United States

How many cricket grounds are there in Abu Dhabi?

List of grounds

Name City T20
Al-Jazira Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium Abu Dhabi 0
Zayed Cricket Stadium Abu Dhabi 50
Tolerance Oval Abu Dhabi 13
Zayed Stadium Nursery 2 Abu Dhabi 8

Which cricket ground is bigger Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

It is mainly used for cricket and is one of three stadiums in the country, the other two being Sharjah Cricket Stadium and Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi….Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Ground information
Last ODI 31 March 2019: Pakistan v Australia
First T20I 7 May 2012: Pakistan v Australia
Last T20I 14 November 2021: Australia v New Zealand

In which country is Sharjah Stadium?

the United Arab Emirates
The Sharjah Cricket Stadium, in the emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, was built in the early 1980s and very quickly became a regular home for tournaments as the popularity of one-day cricket exploded following India’s World Cup win in 1983.

Is Sharjah a small stadium?

It is small in the sense most of the stadiums in India are bigger compared to Sharjah Stadium. It was built for a small football club nearby but later the cricket enthusiast Emirarati made good efforts to launch International matches there. Thus Sharjah Cricket Stadium came into the map of International seasons.

Is Sharjah Stadium small or big?

Which is biggest stadium in UAE?

Biggest stadium in UAE – Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium

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