Where are Avon motorcycle tires made?

Where are Avon motorcycle tires made?

Melksham plant
Cooper- and Avon-brand tires are made at the Melksham plant as well as in North America and Asia. They are distributed in Europe through affiliate distribution companies in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, and by independent distributors across the continent.

Are Avon Tyres budget?

Avon ZZ5 tyres are engineered in the UK and have an affordable price tag – making them a highly appealing choice.

Are Avon Tyres a premium brand?

Premium tyre brands are the leaders within the marketplace and invest heavily in research and development to produce a fantastic range of tyres….Tyre Brands | Premium, Quality or Budget?

Premium Tyre Brands Mid-Range Tyre Brands Budget Tyre Brands
Bridgestone tyres Avon tyres Autogreen tyres

Why do Avon Tyres crack?

Groove Cracking This is usually a result of under or over inflation. Contact your tyre manufacturer for correct pressure if after-market tyres are mounted. Avon motorcycle tyres are only for use on vehicles for which motorcycle tyres were originally specified by the vehicle manufacturer, any other use may be dangerous.

Are Avon Tyres made in Britain?

Avon tyres are designed and manufactured in the UK so a very good reason to buy British…

Are Avon Tyres made in UK?

Nothing wrong with that but Avon motorcycle tyres are 100 per cent made in the UK. All they don’t do is harvest the rubber. Avon is the only company which makes motorcycle tyres in the UK. British made stuff is always my first choice when the quality is good.

Are all Avon Tyres made in the UK?

Are cracked tyres legal?

Are cracked tyres illegal? Small tyre cracks are not illegal but are a sign that your tyre will need replacing soon. If the cracks within the tyre are substantial then this is a dangerous fault and can potentially result in a tyre blowout.

Are Cooper and Avon Tyres the same?

Cooper Tyre Fitters A versatile and popular brand, Cooper and Avon have been producing high-quality tyres since 1904. Utilising the latest technology, their reputation as innovative tyre manufacturers is what makes them one of the leading brands on the market.