What treats are hidden in Advent calendars instead of chocolate?

What treats are hidden in Advent calendars instead of chocolate?

Here are 20 chocolate-free fixes for your advent calendar, guaranteed to be more enjoyable, more useful and longer lasting than a momentary sugar hit!

  • LEGO.
  • Activity ‘coupons’
  • Craft supplies.
  • Fridge magnets.
  • Silly Bands.
  • Money.
  • Mini cars.
  • Ornaments.

What can I put in advent calendar for adults?

DIY advent calendar for adults: Jewellery and hair accessories, handwritten notes, travel size beauty products, mini home sprays or even lockdown-friendly gifts like face masks or touchless door openers.

What do you put in an advent calendar for adults?

Here are some advent calendar ideas for adults to try:

  1. Mini coffee, tea or wine samplers.
  2. Beauty care products.
  3. Gourmet chocolates or cheese.
  4. Gift cards to favorite restaurants.
  5. Holiday-themed socks.
  6. Christmas activities to do with the family.

Whats the most expensive advent calendar?

Think you’d ever get close to $10million? Debbie Wingham, a self-confessed ‘Queen of Christmas’ has created what may well be the world’s most expensive advent calendar, valued at a staggering $10,368,423 [£7.8 million].

Do advent calendars go on sale after Christmas?

Advent has long been a popular way to count down the days from Dec. The best time to buy an Advent calendar is actually at the end of December, specifically the week after Christmas. And while that won’t help you this year, consider buying a year ahead to get the very best price for 2021.

What do you put in a work Advent calendar?

A few ideas for things to include in a kid’s advent calendar are:

  1. Christmas books.
  2. Candy canes.
  3. Small toys.
  4. Pieces of a larger toy set given in a few pieces each day – LEGO sets are great for this.
  5. Puzzle pieces.
  6. A daily special treat.
  7. Craft supplies.
  8. Mini card games.

Are Advent calendars good for adults and teens?

Adults and teens are just as excited about daily gifts and treats each December! Adult advent calendars are also a really fun gift idea. And you can create a DIY advent calendar for adults or teens to suit pretty much any hobby, interest and budget.

How to make a DIY advent calendar for kids?

Some simple ideas for crafting a DIY advent calendar for kids are: Brown paper bags are a great option if you want a very affordable and easy DIY advent calendar option. Any little gift bags will work however there is something very classy about the look of the brown paper bags with simple decorations.

Should you buy a reusable Advent calendar?

This is especially great if you want to add an educational element or create your homemade advent calendar around a collection of smaller gifts that all fit together. If you find yourself time-poor by the time November rolls around each year, consider creating or purchasing a reusable advent calendar to save yourself time each year.

How do you decorate your home for Advent?

Instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box, hang up a DIY Advent calendar on a ladder or the tree. Decorated muslin craft bags conceal treats, toys, and messages from Santa—and you can fill them again next year, too. Not only is this colorful strand of string lights amazing wall (or tree!) decor, but it’s also an advent calendar.