What is the main function of earthworms?

What is the main function of earthworms?

They are major decomposers of dead and decomposing organic matter, and derive their nutrition from the bacteria and fungi that grow upon these materials. They fragment organic matter and make major contributions to recycling the nutrients it contains. Earthworms occur in most temperate soils and many tropical soils.

What structure in the earthworm has a similar function as the human heart explain your answer?

The aortic arches function like a human heart. There are five pairs of aortic arches, which have the responsibility of pumping blood into the dorsal and ventral blood vessels. The dorsal blood vessels are responsible for carrying blood to the front of the earthworm’s body.

How do earthworms communicate?

Earthworms only communicate with each other by touch and taste, but they can feel vibrations, and often avoid predators by sensing their footsteps. They can also sense light and moisture in the air.

How does the structure of the typhlosole relate to its function?

Much of the coelom is taken up by the intestine, which contains a conspicuous fold of tissue called the typhlosole. It’s thought that this structure serves to increase the surface area of the intestine for absorption.

What is the function of the gizzard in an earthworm?

Gizzard. Earthworms do not have teeth, so they use the strong muscles of the gizzard (and grains of sand and soil) to grind up their food.

What structures within the earthworm anatomy are shared with humans?

Earthworms share many similarities in their nervous systems with humans. Wigglyworld.org states that “The earthworm’s nervous system is controlled by its cerebral ganglion, which functions as a simple brain.

Are earthworms sociable?

Earthworms form herds and make “group decisions”, scientists have discovered. “Our results modify the current view that earthworms are animals lacking in social behaviour,” says Ms Lara Zirbes, a PhD student at the University of Liege in Gembloux in Belgium.

Why do earthworms group together?

Worms huddle together. Sometimes it’s just because they are all dining at the same restaurant and heading for the same food. Sometimes it’s because they’re mating.

How do earthworms contribute to the ecosystem quizlet?

How do earthworms contribute to ecosystems? Earthworms digest the organic matter and excrete waste products along with any dirt that was also ingested. During this process, soil is overturned and mineral-rich dirt from the subsoil is excreted into the topsoil, making more nutrients available to plants.

What is the role of the following in earthworm a gizzard B typhlosole?

(a) Gizzard serves to grind the decaying organic matter during digestion. (b) Typhlosole increases the absorptive surface in the intestine.

What is the role of earthworm in agriculture class 11?

Earthworms in Agriculture: Earthworms make burrows and hence aerate the soil. The faeces of earthworm contain nitrate, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium which constitute an important component of the humus essential for plant growth. They also reduce the alkalinity and acidity of the soil.