What is public sector employees union in Malaysia?

What is public sector employees union in Malaysia?

PSI is a federation of over 500 unions worldwide. Many of the Malaysian public sector unions are affiliated to the Congress of Unions of Employees in Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs), the umbrella body for about 140 such unions.

Are there trade unions in Malaysia?

There are 591 unions in Malaysia, with a membership of approximately 800,000. However; the Government continues to receive criticism of its longstanding policies regarding rights of workers to organize associations and their freedom in operating.

Does a trade union represent workers?

A trade union is an organisation that protects the rights and interests its members. Members are employees in a particular sector or job, for example, teaching or nursing. A trade union can: Provide employees with protection on employment issues.

How many members are there in trade union?

Provided further that no Trade Union of workmen shall be registered unless it has on the date of making application not less than seven persons as its members, who are workmen engaged or employed in the establishment or industry with which it is connected . ” 3.

How do trade unions form in Malaysia?

All unions are required to register with the Director-General of Trade unions in order to operate legally. They must apply to the Director-General within 1 month of establishing a trade union (S. 9) but they may ask for extension of 6 months. The completed application form signed by at least seven members (S10).

Why do workers join trade unions?

Trade unions champion equal rights and equal pay. They fight discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation and disability. They foster respect and dignity in the workplace. Trade unions promote maternity rights, flexible working and paternity pay, so that caring responsibilities are shared.

What are the role of trade union in employees development?

Trade Unions protect the worker from wages hike, provides job security through peaceful measures. Trade Unions also help in providing financial and non-financial aid to the workers during lock out or strike or in medical need.

Why do workers join trade unions in Malaysia?

Trade unions are instrumental in creating and strengthening collective bargaining power between the employees and employers. A good relationship between a strong trade union and the employer helps the workers to enjoy more benefits and see better pay commensurate with increased productivity.

Why do employees join trade unions?

Some workers join a trade union because they believe that a union can: negotiate better pay. negotiate better working conditions, like more holidays or improved health and safety. provide training for new skills.

Why it is importance to establish a trade union in Malaysia?

What do unions do for workers?

Union members work together to negotiate and enforce a contract with management that guarantees the things you care about like decent raises, affordable health care, job security, and a stable schedule. Better workplaces and working conditions without the fear of retaliation.

What are the laws relating to trade unions in Malaysia?

While the Malaysian constitution guarantees the rights of all Malaysians to form and join a trade union, there are several restrictions imposed by the laws relating to trade unions, i.e. the Trade Unions Act 1959 (TUA) and the Industrial Relations Act 1967 (IRA)

What is the Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC)?

The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC), unfortunately, is a creature of British manipulation, emerging only after much stronger unions, federations, and leaders were suppressed.

Are Malaysian workers in dire straits despite salary increase in 2019?

KUALA LUMPUR : Despite the salary increase in 2019, workers remain in dire straits and the worst is yet to come, said Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) secretary-general J Solomon.He said the 4.4% hike in salary and wages in 2019 as reported by the Statistics Department yesterday merely represented an average increase of RM137 in […]

How much did average salaries increase for Malaysian Workers last year?

KUALA LUMPUR: The 4.4 per cent increase in average monthly salaries for Malaysian workers last year is relatively insignificant when compared to the financial challenges they face, the Malaysian Trades Union Congress said today.