What is mockplus?

What is mockplus?

Mockplus have simple drag-and-drop options inbuilt to make interactive prototypes for mobile and web. You can quickly preview your screens in your actual device just by scanning a QR-Code. Mockplus will help you create a complete design flow and collect and organise style guides, Export style guides in one Click.

Is mockplus good for wireframes?

It’s very easy to use and efficient for Design wireframes and doing research. We really recommend it.” What used to be time-consuming can now be done with the speed of thought, everything is a drag & drop away and with the number of components Mockplus has to offer, you will never feel the need of creating one.

Why mockplus for UX design?

But it is more than that. The site is packed with a wide range of help and other resources enabling clients to keep abreast of all that is happening in the world of design. With Mockplus, actually no need to be worried about tools during UX process.

What is the use of prototypemockplus?

Mockplus is an auxiliary tool assisting on interactive prototypes presentation on Android devices. You can easily scan the generated QR code to view prototypes instantly, no USB cable or remote publishing required. Carry and share your prototypes offline with teammates or clients in order to gather feedback.