What is Cemintel cladding?

What is Cemintel cladding?

Cemintel Cladding Sheet and Cemintel Eaves Lining Sheet are autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheets with a smooth flat surface. They can also be used for exterior ceilings and eaves. Cemintel Eaves Lining Sheets are conveniently sized for use in the lining of eaves.

What is Cemintel Barestone?

Cemintel’s Barestone walling system combines a prefinished surface with a simple installation system that can be used for residential and commercial buildings. It assumes that the user has an intermediate knowledge level of building design and construction.

What is Cemintel made from?

Cemintel Territory panels are cement bonded fibrous wood particle products that are pressed with a surface texture. They are cut to a standard length of 3030mm with an effective cover width of 455mm and 16mm nominal thickness.

What is Cemintel cladding made of?

fibre cement
Our Products With unparalleled design flexibility, fibre cement is perhaps one of the most flexible building materials available today.

What is CFC cladding?

Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) is more heavy duty and is typically used beneath tiles, as substrate flooring, in bathrooms and verandas. Fibre cement by James Hardie is durable because it’s and resistant to fire (and deemed non-combustible), resistant to rot, and resistant to damage from moisture and termites.

Is Cemintel a fibre cement?

Welcome to Cemintel We are the fibre cement and lightweight composite solution specialists. With design and innovation as our central drivers, Cemintel is focused on a fresh, intuitive approach to lightweight façades, building solutions and feature walls.

Where is Cemintel manufactured?

Wetherill Park plant
Cemintel has over 100 employees who are passionate about delivering great experiences and products to the industry. Products are manufactured at the Wetherill Park plant in New South Wales.

What is Shadowline cladding?

Shadowline composite cladding is an external wall cladding primarily used on facades and other feature walls. The finished product provides a high-end look in a range of different colours, without the need for periodic maintenance common with other products.

Why choose CSR cemintel?

CSR Cemintel provides a complete range of lightweight fibre cement systems including external facades, internal linings, flooring and ceiling systems. We provide a range of lightweight, durable building materials across residential and commercial applications.

What is CSR’s warranty on cemintel barestone™ panels?

CSR Building Products Limited (“CSR”) warrants its Cemintel Barestone™ panels (“ Product”) to remain free of defects in material and manufacture for 10 years from date of purchase. In the event of any failure of the Product caused by the direct result of a defect in the material or manufacture of the Product, CSR will at its option replace or

What are cemintel barestone panels?

The panels feature Ceminseal water-blocking technology and are factory sanded, ready for installation with the trusted Cemintel Expresswall system. Durable and adaptable, Barestone panels can be used in many diverse ways and cut to different shapes and sizes for a dramatic design effect.

Is the design of CSR wall systems covered in the guide?

The design of CSR wall systems clad with the Cemintel ExpressPanel, Barestone, Surround and Territory products is not covered in this guide and we recommend the appropriate design and installation guide of the product.