What is botanical terminology?

What is botanical terminology?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : of or relating to plants or botany. 2 : derived from plants. 3 : species botanical tulips.

What are the characteristics of Papilionaceous flower?

Papilionaceous: Characteristic flower of the subfamily Papilionoideae within the legume family (Fabaceae). The irregular (zygomorphic) flower is composed of five petals, including one banner petal or standard, two lateral wing petals, and two fused keel petals that enclose the gynoecium and stamens.

What is an Epigynousflower?

The position of ovary with respect to other floral organs is used in the classification of the flowers. The flower in which the ovary is inferior w.r.t other floral organs is called epigynous flower. A. Flower with inferior ovary is called epigynous.

What is calyx science definition?

Definition of calyx 1 : the usually green outer whorl of a flower consisting of separate or fused sepals. 2 : a cuplike division of the renal pelvis surrounding one or more renal papillae. 3 : a cup-shaped animal structure (such as the body wall of a crinoid)

What are pubescent leaves?

Plants can suffer from too much sun, too, as well as from the drying effects of wind. Over time, some have adapted to protect themselves with fine, short hairs or soft down on their leaves and stems. These are known as pubescent plants, and they feel furry—or like felt or suede—when you touch them.

What is Papilionaceous condition?

: having a corolla (as in the bean or pea) with usually five petals that include a large upper petal enclosing two lateral wings and a lower carina of two united petals.

What is Papilionaceous give example?

(Science: botany) Having a winged corolla somewhat resembling a butterfly, as in the blossoms of the bean and pea. Belonging to that suborder of leguminous plants (Papilionaceae) which includes the bean, pea, vetch, clover, and locust. Last updated on July 28th, 2021.

What is Perigyny?

perigyny A floral arrangement in which the ovary is situated in a cup-shaped or flattened receptacle, from the margin of which the perianth and stamens arise (see illustration). The perianth and stamens are said to be perigynous with respect to the ovary, as seen in cherry and plum flowers.

What is flower receptacle?

Receptacle: The part of a flower stalk where the parts of the flower are attached.

What is a major role of the calyx?

Calyx. The calyx is made up of sepals, green leaf-like structures that enclose the unopened bud. They serve a protective role for the flower before it opens, and afterward extend from the base of the flower.

What is calyx class 11?

The calyx is the outermost whorl of a flower and its individual members are called sepals. The sepals are generally green leaf-like structures that protect the flower in the bud stage. The calyx may be Polysepalous, Gamosepalous, Caducous, Persistent, or Petaloid. Polysepalous: When the calyx or sepals are free.