What is a punch list home inspection?

What is a punch list home inspection?

A punch list is a document that identifies items that have been overlooked in the plans or that have to be remedied before the buyer determines that the home is acceptable. The inspection can be done by the buyer or by a trained home inspector.

What should I look for in a new construction punch list?

A sample punch list would include such items as:

  • Appliances are fully functioning.
  • Cabinet drawers and doors open and close without problems.
  • No hardware is missing and works smoothly.
  • Windows and doors open and lock without problems.
  • Lights and outlets are fully functioning.
  • Paint and texture problems.

What Is a New home punch list?

A punch list is a list of projects that need to be completed or items to be repaired before homeowners can take possession and move into their newly built home. An accurate punch list is essential so that the homeowner is satisfied with the finished product.

What should I look for in a punch list walkthrough?

During the walk-through, all stakeholders, especially the owner, point out any issues they notice and want to address before closing out the project. Some common defects addressed on a punch list include leaky pipes, cracked concrete, faulty flooring, and incorrect paint.

How does a punch list work?

A punch list (also called a snag list, deficiency list, or punch out list), according to the online Business Dictionary, is “a document listing work that does not conform to contract specifications, usually attached to a certificate of substantial completion.” Put simply, it is a list of to-do’s that need to be …

Who prepares the punch list?

the Contractor
According to the General Conditions (AIA A201 Section 9.8. 2), the Contractor prepares and submits to the architect a comprehensive list of items to be completed or corrected. This snag list, generated by the Contractor is known as the punch list.

What should be included on a punch list?

A punch list is a document that lists final work items remaining before a construction project is considered complete. All work that does not conform to the specifications in the construction contract should be included in the punch list.

What is included in a punch list?

In regards to construction today, the Business Dictionary defines a punch list as, “Listing of items requiring immediate attention” and as a “Document listing work that does not conform to contract specifications, usually attached to the certificate of substantial completion.

Should I get a pre-listing home inspection?

Better marketing. Pre-inspections don’t only uncover negatives – they can also give you an opportunity to promote what’s great about your home.

  • Valuable improvement advice.
  • More negotiating power.
  • Time saved.
  • You’ll attract serious buyers.
  • Opportunity to oversee the repair.
  • What is a home inspection and how does it work?

    A home inspection takes place after you make an offer on a home,before closing.

  • A home inspector assesses the condition of a home,including heating,the roof,and more.
  • Expect to pay an inspector around a few hundred dollars; the price will vary by company.
  • What do Home Inspectors look for?

    Water Damage. When water gets into a home’s vicinity, it can cause a range of major issues, most of which are red…

  • Your Home’s Structural Integrity. Foundations are meant to stay in one place but, over time, water can cause the soil…
  • Damage to the Roof. A strong roof is necessary to protect a home from weather elements, so a…
  • What does a home inspector look for?

    The home inspector will check the heating and cooling systems, making sure they work and commenting on their efficiency. The home inspector will take a close look at the structure and foundation. The home inspector will check appliances that remain with the house, including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.