What career should I do after college?

What career should I do after college?

10 Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates

  1. Software Engineer. Technology roles are among the top growing roles as the industry pushes to improve diversity.
  2. Registered Nurse.
  3. Salesperson.
  4. Teacher.
  5. Accountant.
  6. Project Manager.
  7. Administrative Assistant.
  8. Account Executive.

How hard is finding a job after college?

The fact is that approximately 53% of college graduates are unemployed or working in a job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. It takes the average college graduate three to six months to secure employment after graduation.

Do most people find jobs after college?

And great news: many students are reaping the benefits of their academic success to find their way into their first jobs! College graduates ages 25 to 34 boast an employment rate of 86%, based on a 2017 study by the National Center for Education Statistics.

What are the easiest jobs to get after college?

Entry-level jobs for after college

  1. Assistant media planner. National average salary: $13.58 per hour.
  2. Recruiting assistant. National average salary: $15.41 per hour.
  3. Administrative assistant.
  4. Junior graphic designer.
  5. Junior web designer**
  6. Law clerk.
  7. Marketing specialist.
  8. Computer support specialist.

How can I travel the world after college?

Follow these tips and advice to get as close as possible to traveling after graduation for free.

  1. Go somewhere cheap. Don’t set up your new life after college in a place like Tokyo or anywhere near Scandinavia.
  2. Apply for scholarships.
  3. Set up a FundMyTravel account.
  4. Do a work exchange.
  5. Digital nomadism.

Where should I move after college?

Here are the best metros to move after college.

  • Kansas City, MO-KS.
  • Minneapolis-St.
  • Milwaukee-Waukesha, WI.
  • Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC.
  • Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, IN.
  • Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA.
  • Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH. Roman Babakin / Shutterstock.com.
  • Columbus, OH. f11photo / Shutterstock.com.

Why is it impossible to get a job out of college?

One of the reasons college graduates can’t find a job is because they don’t know what types of jobs they can get with their major. Many majors, like communications and business, are very broad, but you picked them for certain reasons. You can work in just about any company doing a variety of different things.

Why is getting a job so hard after college?

Class sizes are on a steady increase. Tuition prices share the same increase, but it fails to dissuade many high school graduates from entering college. Because of this significant increase, the primary reason why graduates find obtaining employment difficult is the sheer amount of competition.

What major is the easiest to find a job?

CollegeVine’s Top Easiest Majors

  1. Business Administration. Average GPA: 3.2.
  2. Psychology. Average GPA: 3.3.
  3. Education. Average GPA: 3.6.
  4. Social Work. Average GPA: 3.4.
  5. Public Relations & Advertising. Average GPA: 3.0.
  6. Criminal Justice. Average GPA: 3.1.
  7. Journalism. Average GPA: 3.2.
  8. Economics. Average GPA: 3.0.

Does it look bad to take a gap year after college?

Let’s be clear: taking a gap year will not hurt your chances of getting into the program you want. Properly spent, a gap year can actually boost your admissions odds. But it’s key that you spend the gap year properly. If you take a year off to do nothing, then it can give the wrong impression to admissions committees.

What are the highest paying jobs without college?

Manager positions are one of the highest paying jobs without a degree with salaries ranging from $45,000 to $95,000 annually. 2. Air Traffic Controllers. Air traffic controllers ensure airplanes are flying at safe distances, following air regulations, and they regulate the takeoff and landing of all aircraft.

What are the best jobs for a college student?

Thanks to the combination of high pay and flexible hours, Massage Therapist is the top job for college students on our list. Best potential perk: Free massages from colleagues who need to practice their technique.

What are the best college careers?

Electrical Engineering. Not too shocking: Our gadget-driven world has a high demand for people who can design,build and improve electronic and electrical devices.

  • Nursing. The need for nurses is as persistent as the common cold.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Computer Science.
  • Construction Management.
  • What kind of jobs do college students get?

    One of the best part time job for college students is to work as a freelancer for event jobs. Event jobs include working as a Crew member at Product Launch, Corporate Parties, Award Functions, Exhibitons, Expos & Trade Fair, Concerts, Sports Events & Marathons, Seminars.