Is it safe to float the Yakima River right now?

Is it safe to float the Yakima River right now?

The Yakima River Canyon is considered the safest section of the Yakima River to float. While there are still some hazards, primarily found along the shoreline, it’s considered Class 1 water which is the easiest classification to navigate.

What’s the flow of the Yakima River?

Yakima River, river, south-central Washington, U.S., rising in the Cascade Range, near Snoqualmie Pass. It flows southeastward about 200 miles (320 km) past Ellensburg and Yakima to join the Columbia River near Kennewick in Benton county.

How fast is the Yakima River?

Yakima River
• average 3,493 cu ft/s (98.9 m3/s)
• minimum 225 cu ft/s (6.4 m3/s)
• maximum 59,400 cu ft/s (1,680 m3/s)

How deep is the Yakima River?

Maximum discharge along the river was observed at the Yakima River Above Ahtanum Creek At Union Gap with a streamflow rate of 4,060 cfs. This is also the deepest point on the Yakima River, with a gauge stage of 41.63 ft.

Where can I float Yakima?

Choose your route based on how long you want to be in the river:

  • Big Pines Campground to Roza (about 1 hour, 4 miles)
  • Lmuma Creek to Roza (1.5-2 hours, 6.8 miles)
  • Umtanum Creek to Roza (3 hours, 10.9 miles)
  • Bighorn Campground to Roza (5-6 hours, 16.1 miles)

Why is the Yakima River so high?

This is due to the steep drainage pattern that rolls off of Mt. Adams and other scenic high country. The Klickitat is glacial in nature and disturbances like rain, sudden snow melt, high country mud slides, and avalanches can disrupt the water clarity in a matter of hours.

How polluted is the Yakima River?

Instream flows for fish suffer while irrigation runoff makes the Lower Yakima River the second most polluted in the state. (The Spokane River is arguably worse due to PCBs.) The Yakima River still receives runoff DDT that was applied to the fields decades ago.

Can you kayak on Yakima River?

The upper section of the Yakima River flows through the foothills of the Cascade Mountains between Cle Elum and Thorp. Click here to reserve rafts, inflatable kayaks, pontoons, and fly-fishing frames on the Upper Yakima.

Where can I paddle board in Yakima?

SUP Tips

  • Rimrock Lake.
  • Clear Lake.
  • Yakima River.
  • Dog Lake – White Pass.
  • Leech Lake – White Pass.
  • Bumping Lake – Highway 410.
  • A Little Farther Away.
  • Puget Sound – San Juan Islands, Whidbey Island.

How long is the Yakima River float?

Rafting in the Yakima Canyon Guests renting a standard length DIY Self Guided Paddle Raft will enjoy a 7 mile float which can range from 2-4 hours depending on river flows and how much you decide to stop along the way.