Is Ertl and TOMY the same company?

Is Ertl and TOMY the same company?

TOMY, based in Japan, has been the parent company of Ertl since 2011. The current Dyersville facility is the North American distribution center for the company.

What happened to TOMY toys?

In Japan, Takara-Tomy continues to use both Tomy and Takara as distinct brand names on toy ranges which originated in each separate company, and most new toy ranges or stand-alone products now carry the new Takara–Tomy brand. Takara purchased a majority stake in Tatsunoko Production in June 2005.

Does Ertl still make farm toys?

History. Ertl has been producing farm toy replicas since 1945. Ertl is currently a brand under the RC2 Corporation umbrella.

Where is the Ertl toy Company?

The Ertl Company is an American toy company best known for its die-cast metal alloy collectible replicas of farm equipment and vehicles, or (scale models). The company is based in Dyersville, Iowa, home of the National Farm Toy Museum.

Is Takara owned by Hasbro?

TakaraTomy (Takara before the merger with Tomy) is a Japanese toy company. Originally, Takara created the Diaclone and MicroChange toy lines, which were later imported to the US by Hasbro and turned into the Transformers. Since then, Hasbro and Takara have been business partners.

What does Ertl stand for?


Acronym Definition
ERTL Department of Educational Research, Technology, and Leadership (University of Central Florida; College of Eduaction; Orlando, FL)
ERTL Electrochemical Reaction & Technology Laboratory (South Korea)
ERTL Environmental Research and Training Laboratories (University of Kentucky)

Where did Fred Ertl make his first toy?

ERTL COMPANY INC. In 1945 Frederick ERTL began making toy tractors in the furnace of his home. He was a journeyman molder at ADAMS COMPANY (Encyclopedia Dubuque) that was temporarily idled by a strike.

Is Ertl made in China?

Details about ERTL Green John Deere Tractor, Made in China.

Which is better Hasbro or Takara Tomy?

You see, the difference between the Hasbro and The Takara Tomy (or Sono Kong included) is that you get more benefit with this product. The launcher also fits into other japanese light launchers, which is very high recommendation to get Takara Tomy beyblades instead. But that is only the launcher’s benefits.

Does Takara Tomy make Transformers?

Tomy! Superlink! TakaraTomy (Takara before the merger with Tomy) is a Japanese toy company. They are the producer of Transformers in Japan, and design much of the engineering for Transformers toys.