Is British car auction open to the public?

Is British car auction open to the public?

All sales currently remain online for trade account holders only and we’re keeping close to the latest government guidance. We’ll look to restart physical auctions when appropriate.

Which is the biggest car auction in UK?

Merthyr Motor Auctions
Merthyr Motor Auctions – The Largest Fleet Only Auction in the UK.

What is the best car auction website UK?

RAW2K is the UK’s premier online car auction website for the trade and public. We have 1000’s of used, salvage and seized vehicles for sale in our daily and weekly online auctions. Browse through our online stock of vehicles including cars, vans, motorcycles and scooters for sale.

How can I get BCA account?

If you are a professional buyer, follow the steps below and receive your login details within the next 48 hours.

  1. Prepare the documentation.
  2. Fill out the online form.
  3. Get prepared.
  4. Connect to BCA.

Who do British Car Auctions own?

BCA Marketplace. We Buy Any Car.

  • Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. Dollar Rent A Car. Thrifty Car Rental.
  • Firefly Car Rental.
  • Hertz Car Sales.
  • What are the best online car sites?


  • Autobytel.
  • Autolist.
  • Autotrader.
  • Bring a Trailer.
  • Car Gurus.
  • Car Sense.
  • CarSoup.
  • Cars Direct.
  • Where can I find a car auction?

    Finding former police cars for sale is down to how often those local auctions are held, but you can also try eBay Motors. Government car auctions are there in the motors section for you to search through. You can search by ZIP code, type of car, miles from your destination or make and model of the car you require.

    How to sell a car through an auction?

    Consignment Process Summary Complete an online auction Position Request form (available above) for each vehicle you want to sell. Provide payment information (credit card) for each vehicle. Upon review of your request for position (s), Mecum will assign lot number (s). Upon receipt, thoroughly review your consignment package documents.

    How do you sell a car at auction?

    Decide if your car is the right car to sell not only at auction, but at a specific auction. As a general rule, and for the big major sales, if the car is worth less than $20,000, you should make sure that an auction is your best selling option. There are exceptions, for example, such as a local auction with little or no transportation costs.