Did John Cena ever beat the Undertaker?

Did John Cena ever beat the Undertaker?

The Undertaker just beat John Cena in five minutes at Wrestlemania . Cena had been trying to get Undertaker into the ring for one more match, but had his words ignored for over a month. The 16-time World Champion initially sat in the crowd at Wrestlemania hoping for The Undertaker to show up, but his hoped seemed dashed when Elias entered the ring instead.

Can John Cena beat the ‘Undertaker’?

Champ vs. Streak: Only John Cena Can Beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania . He has beaten just about every superstar on the roster. Triple H , Randy Orton , Batista, Edge. John Cena, the face of the WWE, is the only person who can face Undertaker at Wrestlemania and have a match with any suspense.

How many matches has John Cena won and lost?

According to Cagematch, the Internet wrestling database, over the course of his 17-year career with the WWE, John Cena has won 78.8 percent of the matches that he has been placed in. He has had 2155 matches in total, winning 1698 of them and losing 402 of them.

Is John Cena the greatest wrestler of all time?

John Cena is considered one of the greatest wrestlers ever, mainly because of his outsized dominance of World Wrestling Entertainment. He has been incredibly successful individually, in fact, he holds the record (alongside Ric Flair) for the most World Titles won, but Cena has also shown that he works very well in a team.

Who won the match between the rock and John Cena?

The Rock won this match against Cena. Cena tried to play with ‘People’s back’ move on Rock but Rock ran into a Rock Bottom, which granted him a win. Well John cena has won more matches as compared to The Rock. Overall win percentage for The Rock is 57.72 while for John cena it is 69.19%.

Did John Cena win a Royal Rumble match?

John Cena wins the Royal Rumble Match. When he popped out a second time, however, Mark Henry dragged him into the ring. Finlay came out to protect the leprechaun, but when the Irishman assaulted everyone in the ring with his shillelagh, he was disqualified from the Rumble — unfortunately taking Hornswoggle with him as well.