Can Luffy beat the CP9?

Can Luffy beat the CP9?

Blueno was pretty confident that Luffy would not be able to do anything to him, and he was right to believe that because Luffy clearly seemed unfit to beat any member of CP9 at Water 7. However, Luffy did prove him wrong as he completely obliterated Blueno in their fight.

What episode is the Straw Hat Pirates vs CP9?

The Straw Hat Crew vs. CP9″ is the 285th episode of the One Piece anime.

Who defeated CP9 in one piece?

Robin escaped and the Marines fired at her, but Franky jumped in the way to block the bullets (the landmines had only delayed him). Sogeking shot Zoro and Sanji’s keys to Franky, leaving him with all of the keys to use on Robin’s cuffs (the Number 5 key was the right one). Spandam is shocked that CP9 was defeated.

How did Luffy beat CP9?

After a grueling battle involving his 2nd and 3rd gear abilities, Luffy seems to be on the losing end of the battle, but through sheer will he manages a gear second Jet Gatling on Lucci so fierce that it sent Lucci through the wall and overpowered his Tekkai. He use his gum gum jet gattling attack.

How powerful is CP9?

With an unprecedented power level of 4,000, Rob Lucci was decisively the strongest member of CP9. He mastered the Six Paths with much greater skill than any of his comrades and served as the leader during the Water Seven operation.

Who is the strongest in CP9?

Are CP9 good or bad?

Aside from Baroque Works, the CP9 are the longest-running antagonists in the series. Unlike other CP groups, they have had a much more prominent role in the series. They are shadowy assassins who kill anyone that opposes the World Government.

How did Luffy beat Blueno?

Although he initially gained control of the battle using Rokushiki and his devil fruit, Blueno was outmatched when Luffy revealed his new Gear 2nd ability. With Gear 2nd, Luffy was able to easily keep up with Soru and heavily damaged the confident Blueno.

What episode does the Straw Hat Crew fight CP9?

The Straw Hat Crew vs. CP9 ” is the 285th episode of the One Piece anime . The Straw Hats and Franky make it to the Tower of Justice. However, Fukurou reveals that one of the CP9 members has the key to Robin ‘s handcuffs, but will not say which, so the Straw Hats must fight every member to find the key.

Was the CP9 really that Big?

The CP9 was a big enough pie for every Straw Hat to get a slice. Even Chopper, the crew’s doctor, had some action– some quality action that redefined his very character. It was in this fight that Chopper proved that treating damage wasn’t the only skill he was proficient at; he was just as skillful at inflicting damage.

What happened to Rob Lucci from the CP9?

Upon acquiring the necessary funds, Rob Lucci was operated on, and while he was recovering the other members of the CP9 enjoyed normal activities such as shopping and sitting in the cafe. Lucci later regained consciousness, upright but looking still weakened, with an elated Hattori at the windowsill.