Can 92507 and 97129 be billed together?

Can 92507 and 97129 be billed together?

SLPs can’t pair most codes in the physical medicine series (e.g., 97129) with a speech-language pathology related code (e.g., 92507). In addition, Section H-3 notes that a single practitioner, such as an SLP, should not bill CPT codes 92507 or 92508 on the same date of service as 97129/97130 or 97533.

Can 92507 and 92609 be billed together?

If you are billing for SGD-related services (CPT 92609), you would list 92609 on the first line of the form and then 92507 with a -59 modifier to indicate that they are distinct services. No such modifier is needed when billing 92607 for non-SGD services on the same day as 92507.

Can 92557 and 92567 be billed together?

69210 is allowed when billed in conjunction with one of the following: 92550, 92552, 92553, 92556, 92567, 92570, 92579, 92582, 92587. 2. 92557 – Includes air and bone conduction testing (92553), speech audiometry threshold and speech recognition testing (92556); this code cannot be unbundled.

Do you code unsuccessful procedures?

When a procedure is considered to have failed (expected results not achieved), the procedure is coded as performed.

Can a speech therapist Bill 97129?

Speech language pathologists may perform services coded as CPT codes 92507, 92508, or 92526. Speech language pathologists should not report CPT codes 97110, 97112, 97150, 97530, or 97129 as unbundled services included in the services coded as 92507, 92508, or 92526.

Does CPT 92507 need a modifier?

Procedure codes 92507, 92526, 92630, 92633, and 97535 require modifier GN. Speech therapy treatment will be denied when billed by any provider on the same day as a speech therapy evaluation or reevaluation.

Is 92557 covered by Medicare?

CPT® code 92557 will also be covered if ordered and performed in conjunction with Vestibular Function Testing (VFT), instead of CPT® code 92553, when the speech recognition component of the CPT® code 92557 is reasonable and necessary in the diagnosis or treatment of an individual Medicare beneficiary (e.g., Vestibular …

Who can Bill 92557?

A diagnostic hearing test (92557) is completed by an audiologist employed by a physician and is billed as “incident to” using the physician’s NPI to bill Medicare. Note: When the service is completed by an audiologist, the audiologist’s NPI should be used for billing, not the physician’s NPI.

Can I bill modifier 50 and 59 together?

Modifier 50: Same Site, Different Side Modifier 50 is for the “same session” Modifier 59 for the “same day” and the “same individual.”