Who is Laura Laudan?

Who is Laura Laudan?

Laudan was born in 1944 and grew up on a traditional family farm in South West England. Her father was Cambridge -educated and his opinion of farming as “the highest calling” could well have been carried by his daughter as she moved through life.

When did Jane Laudan get her PhD?

Moving to University College London she attained her Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science in 1974. Moving across the Atlantic, Laudan started her academic career teaching history of science and technology, social and economic history and world history.

What happened to Laudan and her husband?

In 1996, Laudan and her husband the philosopher Larry Laudan, both retired from academia and moved to Mexico. However, they both continued to visit America, Argentina and Spain as visiting lecturers.

Did food create drudgery for Laudan’s mother?

This idyllic picture was noted by Laudan in an interview with The Austin Chronicle in 2013 where she comments “It created drudgery for my mother”. Her mother cooked everything from scratch and despite Laudan not being forced to help her mother cook, or her father with the farm-work, she grew up surrounded by the food processes of farm to fork.