Where is the head office of Dubai Islamic Bank?

Where is the head office of Dubai Islamic Bank?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Islamic Bank/Headquarters

How do I contact Dubai Islamic Bank?

011 971 4 609 2222
Dubai Islamic Bank/Customer service

How many Islamic banks are in Dubai?

There are currently eight fully-fledged local Islamic banks and two fully-fledged foreign Islamic banks licensed to operate in the UAE. In addition, 17 conventional banks have established Islamic windows with asset size of approximately Dh166. 2 billion in 2020.

What is the swift code for Dubai Islamic Bank?


Swift code (8 characters) DUIBAEAD
Branch code XXX

Who owns Dubai Islamic Bank?


Investor % Ownership
Investment Corporation of Dubai 27.97%
Saeed Ahmed Lootah 6.54%
Public 65.50%

What is the email address of Dubai Islamic Bank?

[email protected]
Phone Banking +971 4 609 2222. Online and Mobile Banking. E-mail: [email protected].

Is Dubai Islamic Bank listed?

Established in 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE by assets and a public joint stock company listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

Who is the owner of Dubai Islamic bank?

Spearheading the evolution of the global Islamic finance industry, DIB is also the world’s first full service Islamic bank and the second largest Islamic bank in the world….Contacts.

Investor % Ownership
Saeed Ahmed Lootah 6.54%
Public 65.50%

How do I find my swift code IBAN Dubai Islamic bank?

16 digit code for the Dubai Islamic Bank bank account number….What is the IBAN code for Dubai Islamic Bank in the United Arab Emirates?

Dubai Islamic Bank IBAN example in the United Arab Emirates AE070331234567890123456
IBAN in print format AE07 0331 2345 6789 0123 456
Country code AE
Check digits 07
Bank code 033

What type of bank is Dubai Islamic Bank?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is an Islamic bank in Dubai, established in 1975 by Haj Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Lootah. It is the first Islamic bank to have incorporated the principles of Islam in all its practices and is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE.

How can I check my balance in Dubai Islamic Bank?

Through any Dubai Islamic Bank ATM (Go to Others > SMS Banking) At any DIB branch by filling in the Electronic Banking Service Registration Form. On registration, you will receive an SMS confirmation and will be asked to select a 4-digit SMS PIN and send it to 4222.

How do I get a DIB statement?

Online Banking:

  1. Click on Services > Miscellaneous > e-statement.
  2. Select respective Card(s) or Account(s) for which the e-statement is required.
  3. Select the Registration option as ‘Yes’
  4. Select the frequency.
  5. Disable Physical Statement option by selecting ‘Yes’
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Accept terms & conditions and Submit.

What banks are in UAE?

Banks in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE banking sector includes approximately 45 commercial banks of which over 50% are foreign banks. First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) – The largest bank in the United Arab Emirates. It was formed through the merger of National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and First Gulf Bank in 2017.

What is UAE in Arabic?

United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates ( UAE; Arabic: دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ‎ Dawlat al-ʾImārāt al-ʿArabīyyah al-Muttaḥidah ), sometimes simply called the Emirates ( Arabic: الإمارات ‎ al-ʾImārāt ), is a country in Western Asia at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf,…

Is Oman in the UAE?

No, it’s not, Oman is a big country and Dubai is one of seven’s cities in UAE. It’s located on north of Oman and it’s about 350 km from Muscat . Oman is natural and historical country.

What is Abu Dubai?

Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi ( US: /ˈɑːbuː ˈdɑːbi/, UK: /ˈæbuː/; Arabic: أبو ظبي ‎ Abū Ẓabī Arabic pronunciation: [ɐˈbuˈðˤɑbi]) is the capital and the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (the most populous being Dubai ), and also capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest of the UAE’s seven emirates .