What is the best army for a TH5?

What is the best army for a TH5?

TH5 means loon giants combo is best.

  • take some arch and barbarians to lure cc.
  • kill cc using 1 or 2 wiz and archers. air defense.
  • send giants towards air defense.
  • then send loons(and cc loons) to destroy other defenses(use healing spells for giants and loons).

What should I upgrade first in COC TH5?

First priority upgrades:

  • New army camp. This will quickly increase your troop capacity from 80 to 110 in 2 levels.
  • Lab.
  • Walls & traps.
  • Spell factory.
  • WT and all new defenses, because you want to start your TH upgrade.
  • One gold storage.
  • Town hall, it will take 2 days to upgrade.

How do you join a legend in clash of clans?

Legend League is a game mode for players with 5000 or more trophies. Here they battle each other to determine once and for all, who is the most skilled player in Clash of Clans. Once you reach 5,000 trophies, you can sign-up for Legend League.

Is Clash of clans a good game?

Clash of clans is really good game, if you play the way its meant to be played. If you get addicted to it, you are going to lose many hours in your day, many days in your life and most importantly your phone’s battery life.

What are the most useful troops in Clash of clans?

Each troop in the list have a level of importance. Hence they are placed in that list. The dragon is a powerful troop but also it costs more elixir as well as training time. The archers and barbarians are suitable while attacking villages. The dragon makes it’s effective use in clan wars.

What are farming bases in Clash of clans?

A farming base is a type of base mostly active when you farm. The main idea of this base is to leave your town hall away outside your walls. A trophy base is one in which you put your town hall inside your base, and your trophies are the most important thing to you. A hybrid base is one where it defends your trophies and resources equally.

What is Hybrid base in Clash of clans?

Hybrid Bases. This is the most common type of base in Clash of the Clans. The aim of this base is to protect both trophies and resources. This normally means that your town hall and storages will be very centralised within that base. However you also need to consider how your defences are positioned too.