What is CPPG ((Rs-CPPG)?

What is CPPG ((Rs-CPPG)?

CPPG ( (RS)-CPPG) is a potent group II/III mGlu receptors antagonist. CPPG exhibits some selectivity (approximately 20 fold) for group III ( IC50 =2.2 nM) over group II ( IC50 =46.2 nM) mGlu receptors in the rat cerebral cortex. CPPG has weak effects at group I mGlu receptors. For research use only. We do not sell to patients.

What does CPPG do to mGlu?

CPPG is a potent antagonist against group II/III mGlu receptors in the adult rat cortex and shows moderate selectivity for group III mGlu receptors. Conversely, CPPG has weak effects at group I mGlu receptors in both the neonatal rat cortex and cultured cerebellar granule cells [1].

What are physiological needs?

Physiological needs are the most basic things that everyone needs in order to survive. Things like access to food, water, sleep, medical care, and air are all physiological needs.

What is rppg based physiological measurement?

The rPPG based physiological measurement is based on the fact that opti- cal absorption of a local tissue varies periodically with the blood volume, which changes accordingly with the heartbeats.