What do Florida Gator fans say?

What do Florida Gator fans say?

At the games, you’ll become familiar with a variety of chants, cheers, and even the “Gator chomp!” Listen as students and alumni shout “orange” and “blue” back and forth at one another.

What is the Go Gators chant?

come on Gators, get up and go
The Go Gator Chant – led by the band – opens with “Go Gators” and ends with “Go Gators, come on Gators, get up and go.” This is another old cheer that has remained unchanged and to contemporary non-Gator ears sounds, yes, again, goofy.

What song does Florida play in the 4th quarter?

I Won’t Back Down
University of Florida junior Daniel Poljak said he feels a connection every time he hears Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” played between the third and fourth quarter of Gator football games.

Is Gator chomp right over left?

No. It’s right over left, arms locked at the elbows. Doing it any other way will have Florida fans questioning your allegiance. The Gator chomp was traced back to 1981 when a UF band member, Monty Musgrave, first made the gesture.

Does Florida still sing We are the boys?

Still, it has remained unchanged. Every Gator fan and former student knows “We Are the Boys” is the best chant in Florida Gators football lore.

What is the University of Florida motto?

Civium in moribus rei publicae salus
Use of the University of Florida’s University Seal The seal, an homage to the Seal of the Great State of Florida, incorporates our motto, Civium in moribus rei publicae salus (The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens), and founding date.

What is the 2 bits cheer?

Two Bits would be introduced and energetically jog to midfield wearing his signature outfit. Then, using the same whistle and sign and even more vigorous arm waving, he would lead the entire Florida Field crowd in the cheer.

Was Tom Petty a gator?

In the years since his passing, Florida football fans have honored one of their own by singing Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” in unison at Gators games in The Swamp. Though Petty never went to the University of Florida, he was a Gainesville native and an international rock and roll icon.

Why does UF sing wont back down?

“We encourage fans to sing along as a way to honor a local legend and share a special moment in his music,” Assistant Athletics Director of Marketing and Promotions Alicia Longworth said.

What is the proper way to do the Gator chomp?

Perhaps the most iconic and recognized Gator tradition is the Gator Chomp, where you make an alligator’s chomp motion by extending your right arm over left and moving your arms up and down.