Is Rammus the best Jungler?

Is Rammus the best Jungler?

Rammus Build 12.1 ranks as an C-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 53.2% (Good), Pick Rate of 2.52% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.66% (Low).

Does Rammus start blue or red?

Start at Red, so you can gank ASAP and avoid getting invaded at Red early. Do the Krugs as much as possible – as they are the most valuable camp both in terms of gold and experience.

Is Rammus early or late game?

Rammus is really tanky during the late game. He won’t take a lot of damage but can return a lot of damage if enemies attack him consistently. R will allow Rammus to completely take over a fight. Since he can use it frequently, picks will be aplenty.

What is Rammus clear?

The Rammus player starts leashless on the Raptors camp by unlocking Defensive Ball Curl at level one. Clearing the Raptors grants Rammus level two, allowing him to unlock Frenzying Taunt for the bonus attack speed which comes in handy for the Red Brambleback clear.

Is frillen’s Rammus guide different from other guides?

“Frillen’s Rammus guide is a little different than your typical champion guide. Frillen is a Diamond Rammus main with a fairly unique build and playstyle that’s explored in detail throughout this guide.

Is the Rammus jungle any good?

My fellow danishman, FNC Broxah, unleashed the Rammus jungle on patch 9.19 and he made it look really good. Enjoy the game and go tell him to tryout the on-hit next time! This guide seems to be working out for some people!

What is the best Rune page for Rammus?

Legend: Tenacity eliminates most of the need for Mercury’s Treads, which is great, since Ninja Tabi are fantastic on Rammus. This rune let’s you buy them in more games. Legend: Alacrity is the most common choice, since Rammus scales formidably with attack speed and it provides a more offensive rune page and a better jungle clear.

What are the best early game items for Rammus?

The most consistent early game items for Rammus is no longer Bramble Vest after nerfs, but Bami’s Cinder and a Cloth Armor for rushing a jungle item. For boots, I prefer Boots of Swiftness.