Is it in my lap or on?

Is it in my lap or on?

Both are acceptable. Sitting on my lap is commoner, I think. In my lap tends more to be used with other phrases like it fell into my lap, implying sudden good fortune.

Why does he like to lay on my lap?

He lays on your lap when his heart seeks comfort and he knows that you’d give him that. He trusts you enough to be vulnerable with you.

Is it sit on my lap or sit on my laps?

A person can sit on your lap. If you refer to this space on your body, you would call it “my lap”, singular. The word “laps”, plural noun, refers to a length of road or track that a person runs around, or the length of a swimming pool that a person swims back and forth along.

Whats is my lap?

Your lap is the top of your thighs when you sit down, where your cat might sit. Lap can also refer to a trip around a racetrack, or to the act of overtaking a competitor by a lap. If something “falls into your lap,” you have gotten something without making much effort.

What is the meaning of last lap?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. the last stage of something long and difficult. Synonyms and related words. Ends, finishes and final stages.

Why does he put his head on my lap?

A guy putting his head in a girl’s lap, this action is associated typically with the guy feeling down/tensed/distressed and wants a sense/feeling of love,calmness and safety. Typically this behaviour is demonstrated by children who run into their mother’s lap when they feel scared or sad.

What is Tagalog of lap?

Best translation for the English word lap in Tagalog: kandungan [noun] lap (on one’s thighs) more… More matches for “lap” in Tagalog: 1.) dilaan – [verb] to lick something; to lap up something; to stick one’s tongue out at someone more…

Is it sit on my lap or laps?

Where is your lap located?

the front part of the human body from the waist to the knees when in a sitting position. the part of the clothing that lies on the front portion of the body from the waist to the knees when one sits.

What does “on a lap” mean?

, Varnished truth teller. “on a lap” / “across a lap” refers to large beings like an adult sitting on the upper thighs of a seated adult, easily spanning them completely “in a lap” refers to small beings like a small animal curled up in the crux of your pelvis and part of your upper thighs when you are seated.

What is the meaning of sit on my lap?

lap noun (LEGS) B2 [ C usually singular ] the top surface of the upper part of the legs of a person who is sitting down: Come and sit on my lap and I’ll read you a story. More examples. She nursed the crying child on her lap. “Oh, you’re a sweetheart, ” she said, when I placed the breakfast tray on her lap.

How do you use lapped in a sentence?

The water lapped against the side of the pool. The waves gently lapped the shore. Come and sit on my lap and I’ll read you a story. Each lap of the track is 400 meters. [ I/T ] Waves lapped (at) the shore. Infants sat on their parent’s lap facing the television screen. The change of variables from u (x) to u (u) on monotone laps is a natural one.

What does ‘on the lap of the gods’ mean?

As a footnote, I would add that in the phrase “on the lap of the gods” (meaning a particular outcome is uncertain, and depends on fate) we usually say ‘on’ rather than ‘in’. I agree with the other posts.