How much does truck driving school cost in Michigan?

How much does truck driving school cost in Michigan?

How much does CDL training cost in Michigan? The average cost of tuition in Michigan is $6,287.

How much does Prime trucking school cost?

Students who commit to driving with Prime for a year pay only $100 fee and permit costs to start for a training program that is valued at $4,475. As long as you driver for Prime with your Class A CDL for one year, you do not pay anything else for the training program.

How long does it take to get a CDL in Michigan?

Your CDL is valid for up to four years and should arrive in the mail within two to three weeks. All documentation is subject to Department of State approval. In some cases, document approval may not occur in the same day and may require an additional visit.

Does Walmart train truck drivers?

Fleet Maintenance At Walmart our Fleet team has access to continuous training, a safe work environment, and the opportunity to perform with industry leading technology. From day one, you’ll be empowered and equipped to do the best work of your life!

How long is training with Prime Trucking?

approximately four to five months
How long does it take to become a truck driver? The entire commercial driver training process at Prime Inc. takes approximately four to five months. After Prime’s orientation, you will spend two to four weeks with a CDL instructor for one-on-one training during the CDL Instruction phase.

What is the best truck driver training school in Michigan?

U.S. Truck Driver Training School is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and is the only nationally accredited truck driver training school in the state of Michigan.

Why choose All Stars truck driving school?

All Stars truck driving school is commited to providing hands-on training programs that are valuable in today’s job market. All Stars Commercial Driving Programs is intended to develop useable skills and technical knowledge leading to career opportunities as a professional driver.

Where does uustdts train students?

USTDTS trains students at our Sterling Heights location, where we have our classrooms and the yard. We monitor the industry standards to stay as up to date with our course materials as possible. Read More