How many villages are in Kendrapara district?

How many villages are in Kendrapara district?

Police Station-wise List

Sl No Police Station Total Villages
1 Aali 132
2 Derabish 94
3 Jamboo Marine 21
4 Kendrapara 1

What is Kendrapara district of Odisha prone to?

The district is prone to natural cyclonic storms and annual average rainfall in the district is about 60 inches. The district has an extensive canal system and Kendrapara canal, which originates from Birupa barrage at Jagatpur and ends at Luna in Marshaghai, was built in 1869.

How many blocks are in Kendrapara district?

9 blocks
This district has 9 blocks named as Aul, Derabish, Garadpur, Mahakalapada, Marshaghai, Kendrapara, Rajanagar, Rajkanika, Patamundai.

How many Tehsil are there in Kendrapara?

Kendrapara has a population of 14,40,361 peoples. There are 3,21,934 houses in the district. The Kendrapara district is further divided in to Tehsils / Blocks / Community Development Blocks (C.D….List of Blocks (CD) / Tehsils in Kendrapara.

# 2
Tehsil (CD Block) Derabish
Area (km²) 101
Population (2011) 65,909

Who is the MLA of Kendrapara?

Kendrapara (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Party BJD
MLA Sasibhusan Behera
Const. No. 97
Reserved for Scheduled Castes

Who is the collector of Kendrapara?

Shri Amrit Ruturaj IAS
District High level Officers

Name Designation Phone
Shri Amrit Ruturaj IAS Collector and District Magistrate 9439883093
Shri Sandeep Sampat Madkar IPS Superintendent of Police Kendrapara 9438001323
Durga Prasad Maharana OAS Additional District Magistrate 9437258554
Pitamber Samal OAS Additional District Magistrate 9438148605

Which river flows in Kendrapara?

The river Chitroptala (a branch of the Mahanadi) flows through Kendrapara district. Other rivers in Kendrapara include the Luna, the Karandia, the Gobari, the Brahamani, the Birupa, the Kani, the Hansua, the Baitarani, the Kharasrota, and the Paika.

How many rivers are in Kendrapara?

41 Rivers and Lakes Near Kendrapara.

How many rivers are in Kendrapara district?

Who is the MLA of Kendrapara 2019?

Who is the MLA of Rajnagar?

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Created 1951
Party BJD
MLA Dhruba Sahoo
Const. No. 99

Where is Kendrapara located?

Kendrapara is geographically located between 20° 30′ North Latitude and 86° 25′ East Longitude and at an altitude of 12 meters from sea level. Kendrapara district covers an area of 2565 Sq. Km. The total population of the district is nearly 11,49,501.

What is the total population of Kendrapara district in India?

Kendrapara district covers an area of 2565 Sq. Km. The total population of the district is nearly 11,49,501. Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar are the two nearest airports from Kendrapara district.

Is DigiWorld’s map of Kendrapara accurate?

However Mapping Digiworld Pvt Ltd and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same. Found on the east of Odisha, Kendrapara occupies a total area of 2,644 sq km.The district shares its boundaries with Bhadrak, Jagatsinghpur, Bay of Bengal, Cuttack and Jajpur districts.

Why Kendrapara is famous for tourism?

A district with a wide stretch of highly fertile land, Kendrapara earns its yearly revenue from agriculture-based activities. Lord Baladev jew’s Temple, Kanika palace, Vaitarinika wildlife sanctuary and Dangamal are some of the most sought-after tourists places of the district.