How do you get custom skins in War Thunder?

How do you get custom skins in War Thunder?

Installing Client-side Skins

  1. Launch War Thunder and find the vehicle you wish to create a new skin for.
  2. Find a website where you can download custom skins from.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, navigate to your War Thunder main install file.
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded skin files into your custom folder.

Do other players see user skins War Thunder?

User camouflage is set locally, i.e. only the player can see it. For others, your tank or aircraft will remain in the same camouflage that was selected in the “Appearance” menu as the basis for the user camouflage.

How do I download camo for War Thunder?

Downloading a custom skin

  1. Head to and click on the Camouflages tab.
  2. Type in the vehicle that you want to customize in the search bar.
  3. Download the file (you may have to decompress if it is a .zip file)

How do you get wingman in War Thunder?

According to description both in the game and on WT wiki, Wingman is awarded to the player with most assists.

Where is War Thunder CDK?

the game folder
The CDK is installed in the game folder and allows the player to edit or create new unique missions and locations, as well as helps create game models.

How do Warwar Thunder skins work?

War Thunder skins work much differently to the game’s array of tank and plane camouflage patterns as they’ll only modify your vehicle’s appearance for you; other players won’t spot your diamanté-encrusted T-34 on the horizon, they’ll just see the usual blob of green. Not sure where to start with the game’s latest batch of tanks?

Why did the F9F-5 Panther have permanent fuel tanks?

Permanent fuel tanks were added to the wingtips to extend the range of the thirsty jet, but the added weight incidentally improved the aircraft’s roll rate. The F9F-5 is the last and most produced variant of the Panther. It is a further development of the F9F-4, which lengthened the fuselage to carry more fuel.

What is the best War Thunder skin for Mustang?

The Miss America model of the beloved P-51 Mustang is one of the most recognisable tuned planes in the world, and this carefully crafted War Thunder skin does the stunt racer justice with an identical paint scheme, decal and calligraphy name. Finally, a suitable War Thunder skin for one of the game’s most devastating fighters.

Which was the final version of the F9F-8 bomber?

The F9F-8 was the final version. Its prototype’s first flight was December 1953. In this model, the fuselage was lengthened 30 cm to increase the space for fuel tanks.