How do I prepare my child for the 11+ exam?

How do I prepare my child for the 11+ exam?

There are plenty of ways parents can support their child at home to prepare for the 11+ exam:

  1. Get them familiar with the style of questions.
  2. Look over practice questions.
  3. Make learning fun.
  4. Encourage regular reading.
  5. Prepare.
  6. Enrol them into Kumon.

What maths topics are on the 11 Plus?

Topics included in the 11+ Maths Curriculum

  • Number and place value.
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Fractions, percentages, decimals.
  • Ratio and proportion.
  • Algebra.
  • Measurement.
  • Geometry (properties and position of shapes, co-ordinates)
  • Statistics.

What percent do you need to pass 11+?

80 percent
Typically, the pass mark for the 11 Plus is over 80 percent. In regions with more grammar schools such as Kent, Buckinghamshire or Lincolnshire, the pass rate may be lower than in areas with fewer grammar schools like Greater London.

How hard is it to pass 11+?

The pass mark for the 11 plus is approximately 80% but fluctuates yearly and can be as high as 90% in some schools. There are a limited number of seats so in reality the children with the highest marks are the ones who get offered a place. The test is very challenging and most simply won’t pass.

What age is 11 Plus exam?

The ’11’ in 11 Plus refers to the age children will be when they make the transition to secondary school, not the age they are when they sit the test. Most children who sit the 11 Plus will be aged 10 as the exams take place at the beginning of Year 6.

What maths should a Year 11 know?

Beginner’s Guide to Year 11 Maths Advanced

  • Polynomials.
  • Absolute values.
  • Functional Mapping.
  • Piecewise Functions.
  • Trigonometric Functions.
  • Calculus.
  • Exponentials.
  • Logarithms.

What topics do you learn in year 11 maths?

By the end of year 11 Higher students will have learnt the following new content: simplify surds, including rationalising the denominator of a surd expression; manipulate quadratic expressions by completing the square; deduce roots and turning points of quadratic functions; understand the concept of an instantaneous …

Is it easy to pass 11+?

How do I know if my child should sit the 11 plus?

Put simply, the only way to really gauge whether your child has the potential to pass the 11+ is to test them and then to see what sort of mark or score they get. Once you do that, you’ll have tangible numbers to base your decision on whether to go through the process on.

How many questions are there in 11 plus Maths?

33 questions on 11-plus mathematics. The total mark for this paper is 59. Time allowed is 1 hour. Non-calculator. This exam paper follows the new 2016 exam specification.

What is the 11-plus exam?

The 11-Plus exam has many names – 11 Plus, 11+, Eleven +, Eleven+ and even Eleven Plus. Whichever you choose, it is the first important exam in a child’s educational life. But don’t fret! Practice can be rewarding and effective.

What are the 11+ Maths and Common Entrance Exams?

The 11+ maths and Common Entrance exams cover a wide spectrum of mathematical ideas. They test how effectively a pupil can tackle questions and operate under timed pressure when faced with a variety of number questions.

What is the difference between KS2 and 11-plus?

For 11-Plus, the maths and English categories are essential for a solid foundation. The verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning quizzes, however, are not always required. Supplementary Learning. The 11-Plus quizzes are slightly more challenging than the KS2 quizzes, although both are aimed at children aged 8 to 11.