How do I identify my Ludwig drums?

How do I identify my Ludwig drums?

In this article, we’ll be looking at the three best ways to identify a Ludwig: date stamp, serial number/badge style and shell construction. Forenote: The first two means of indication, date stamp and serial number/badge style, are the two most accurate for identifying the correct year of production.

Are Ludwig drums good quality?

It really is all personal preference. People like Ludwig mostly for there inexpensive, quality kits, and huge collect-ability factor. I play an 84′ Luddy, but if I had a choice I would prefer something newer. But with that being said, it is still an extremely nice kit.

Where is John Bonham’s drum kit?

The last remaining John Bonham owned drumkit is joining Jimi Hendrix’s torched Fender Strat at auction. The Ludwig black and white spiral Vistalite was used by the drummer during his time with Led Zeppelin, and is reportedly the only kit in existence outside of the Bonham estate.

Are Ludwig heads good?

Ludwig heads can be excellent if you are not a pounder. The snare side and medium batter heads are a part of the Ludwig snare sound.

What size Gong did Bonham use?

Bonham often sat with a 36inch or 38inch Paiste symphonic gong placed behind him on stage. Jeff Ocheltree remembers: “There were three gongs I definitely know about. The first Paiste gongs had Chinese caricature letters on them.

Why buy vintage Ludwig drums?

Vintage Ludwig drums have evolved as a highly coveted commodity. It’s the tone, concept and design that took the world of drums to another level. We will be posting sets for sale very soon on our Facebook site.

What is vintageludwigdrums?

Welcome & Thank you for visiting our site. This site serves to preserve and document drums produced by the Ludwig Drum Company during its Golden Era of the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s a free reference for drummers and collectors alike.

When were stainless steel drums invented?

Vintage Stainless Steel Drum Kits: A Brief History – DRUM! Magazine The very first stainless steel drums came out around 1973, although companies had obviously been experimenting with them for some time prior to this.

How much does a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit cost?

You won’t find another drum kit like this! Super clean and minty with absolutely no cracks! New Ludwig Vistalite kits run just around $3000, but ya won’t find them in green, or with these custom options. Availability: Available – Email us!