How do I contact FIU admissions?

How do I contact FIU admissions?

For one-on-one help, speak with a recruiter or request information. Call us at 305-348-7000 or check out the OneStop Live Chat for frequently asked questions.

How do I email FIU?

E-mail any questions or concerns related to online programs to [email protected].

Does FIU have an email?

FIU E-Mail All fully-admitted students at FIU have access to their own personal FIU email account, PantherMail. To log in to your PantherMail, visit and type in your FIU email and password, which is the same as your MyFIU username & password (i.e. [email protected]).

How do I contact OneStop?

Call & Chat

  1. Call Us. (210) 458-8000.
  2. Chat With Us. Live Chat.
  3. Book An Appointment. Appointments.

What email do I send my transcripts to FIU?

[email protected]
As a response to delayed mailing due to COVID-19, your previous institution may email transcripts to us directly at [email protected]. This is the preferred method of delivery (in place of hard-copy transcripts).

How do I contact FIU financial aid?

Visit or call 305.348. 7000 for more information.

How do I know my FIU email?

You will see your ‘Campus’ email address in the form: [email protected]. The characters before ‘’ is your FIU username. Your initial password is the first initial of your first name, followed by your Panther ID, and the first initial of your last name.

Do I keep my FIU email forever?

Does my FIU email address expire? As a graduate of FIU, you’re eligible to use an FIU email address for life.

How do I email one stop?

Contact us

  1. Look at the trending questions. If you have a question, the answer might be in the trending questions.
  2. Email us. [email protected].
  3. Call us. 612-624-1111.
  4. Send us a fax. East bank: 612-625-3002.
  5. Send by mail.
  6. Visit us in person.
  7. Meet with us via Zoom.
  8. Chat with us.

Can I email my transcript to FIU?

Once you submit the request, the form is automatically sent to [email protected] for processing. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please email [email protected].

How do I get my transcripts from FIU?

Ordering Your Official Transcript: Current/Recent Students Choose the Current Student tab, and click on the “Transcript” link in the Academic Profile channel. Transcripts requested through NEIUport may require a signature page that has to be faxed to Credentials/eScripSafe.

Where is FIU financial aid office?

Modesto A
The FIU Financial Aid Office offers walk-in assistance and financial aid counseling. The office is located in SASC126 at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

How to contact FIU financial aid office?

FIU Law offers financial aid to students who are United States citizens, permanent residents, or otherwise eligible for federal financial aid. For more information, please contact the Law Admissions and Financial Aid Office at (305).348.8006.

How to contact FIU North Campus?

Fiu North Campus Address and Contact Number Fiu North Campus Contact Phone Number is : (305) 919-5500 and Address is 3000 N.E. 151st Street North Miami, Florida 33181, United States of America Florida Inter National University is a public University located in Florida State of United State s of America.

Are freshman required to live on campus at FIU?

First year students at FIU are not required to live on campus. But we do encourage the on campus living experience. Are transfer and/or graduate students eligible for campus housing? Transfer students are eligible to live on campus and nearby in the off-campus student housing properties.

What is the minimum GPA for FIU?

Accepted Applicants Profile. FIU SAT Scores: 1590 – 1830. FIU ACT Scores: 24 – 27. FIU Average GPA: 3.28 – 3.52.