Are York Cross Trainers good?

Are York Cross Trainers good?

The York Active 120 elliptical cross trainer is a simple, dependable machine that does what it sets out to do. There’s a good range of preset workouts and functions such as BMI and recovery indicators and it’s also built reasonably well.

Which is better cycle or cross trainer?

An hour of workout on a stationary bike will burn anywhere around 450 to 750 calories. The cross trainer wins over the bike in terms of calories burned. However, it’s not a huge difference and you can successfully lose weight with a stationary bike if you workout consistently and intensely.

Should I buy the York cx530 or Reebok cross trainer?

If you want some built in exercise programs, which automatically vary the resistance of the cross trainer, then take a look at the Reebok. If you want to save a couple of hundred pounds and have some thing which looks to me to be just as good (but without the exercise programs) then buy the York CX530.

What do you think about the xc530?

The XC530 is well above average and is amazing value at half price from amazon. It has a good sized display showing target time, target distance, target calories, target heart rate, recovery fitness test. Does not need to be plugged into the mains.

What is a cross trainer/elliptical?

A versatile piece of equipment that can be used as either a cross trainer or exercise cycle, and is easily switched between the two. When in cycle mode use the extra large gel padded seat and in elliptical mode the dual action push/pull arms will give your upper body a good workout.

Is the York active 120 2-in-1 cross trainer any good?

The York Active 120 2-in-1 cross trainer/exercise bike really is somewhere in between both types of machines. It does the job reasonably well but in our opinion, there are other machines similar to this model on the market that do a better job.