Why choose Motorola two-way portable radios?

Why choose Motorola two-way portable radios?

With an extensive selection of models and features, Motorola’s two-way portable radios are an ideal solution for your communication needs.

What is the best two-way radio for a mixed fleet?

EVX-261 Portable Digital Two-Way Radio The EVX-261 operates in both analog and digital modes, so it’s ideal for use with mixed fleets. EVX-S24 Portable Digital Two-Way Radio This easy-to-use, lightweight radio connects workers with just the push of a button and ready for a demanding work environment.

How do two-way radios help first responders?

Every day, people around the world count on public safety personnel to protect them. When a devastating hurricane made landfall, Motorola Solutions two-way radios ensured first responders stayed connected.

Why MOTOTRBO radios?

The comprehensive MOTOTRBO radio portfolio includes rugged portables, sophisticated mobiles and robust, versatile infrastructure. Ensure staff is connected at all times with easy-to-use, light weight two-way radios. Designed to enable quick, discreet and efficient communication for businesses of all sizes.

Why choose MOTOTRBO™ digital portable radios?

Connect your entire operation with MOTOTRBO™ digital portable radios. MOTOTRBO™ will transform your workplace with remastered digital technology. Whether you’re looking for an incredibly sleek, lightweight digital radio or a scalable portable that puts digital within reach, MOTOTRBO™ has a device to fit you.

What is the APX next Smart Radio?

The APX NEXT smart radio is a radical innovation in public safety communications. Learn how it was developed, and why it’s so important to first responders. From concept to trial to final delivery, public safety customers were involved in the development of the APX NEXT smart radio. we have all the products you need to stay connected and stay safe.