Why are belly button rings so hot?

Why are belly button rings so hot?

Some people may find belly button rings sexy because of the inner strength and power that it may convey. Most women who pierce their belly buttons do so to feel sexy. The popularity of the belly button ring may be due to how people with piercing exude confidence and charisma.

Did Simran pierce her navel?

In the early 2000s Simran Bagga was known for her navel exposure in films. Her pierced navel also drew many youths to the cinema for the 2002 film Pammal K. Sambandam.

What does it mean when a girl has a belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing was originally meant to signify sexual attraction, or to draw sexual advances to the woman wearing it. These days, most girls just like them because they are cute, but when women first started piercing their belly buttons, it was for a sign of sexuality!

Are navel piercing hot?

I personally find belly button piercings very attractive and hot, because of how much they draw your eyes to that part of a woman or girl’s anatomy. You also get an opportunity to kiss, lick or suck on some jewelry or metal before moving further down her body.

Why do guys think belly button piercings are hot?

Originally Answered: Why do guys think belly button piercings are hot? Men are instinctively drawn to the belly and pelvis of women because it is our reproductive goal. A belly button piercing shows that she is willing to allow someone intimate access to that area. A genital piercing is even better.

Do navel piercings make you look thinner?

Does getting a belly button piercing look good? Yes, because it draws the eye in – AKA it makes you look slimmer. It’s simple science: the eye is drawn to the piercing so your stomach automatically looks flatter.

Does Priyanka Chopra have a belly piercing?

Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Nora Fatehi exhibit their style in the belly navel piercing accessory. Check here. This kind of styling not only gives them the allowance to wear attires that show their belly and also the curves but also makes sure they accessorize well with a belly piercing accessory.

What does a belly piercing say about you?

It might mean you’re rebellious As you can expect from parents’ usual reactions to their teenagers wanting their belly button pierced, navel jewels are societal signifiers of rebellion, youth, and a devil-may-care attitude. As per Her, people automatically see belly rings as subversive, so might as well go with it!