Who won the 2015 World Cup final?

Who won the 2015 World Cup final?

Australian Men’s Cricket Team
2015 Cricket World Cup/Champion

Who won final Cricket 2021?

2021 ICC World Test Championship Final

2019–2021 ICC World Test Championship Final Logo
Event 2019–2021 ICC World Test Championship
New Zealand won by 8 wickets
Date 18–23 June 2021
Venue Rose Bowl, Southampton

How many times NZ reach finals?

Since 2015, New Zealand have managed to reach the final in four of the five global events. Two years ago, they lost to England in the final of the 50-over World Cup on a now-scrapped boundary rule.

Did New Zealand ever won a World Cup?

New Zealand has reached the semi-finals final of the World Cup on four other occasions (1975, 1979, 1999 and 2007). Five nations have won the World Cup. Australia is the most successful, having won on four occasions. New Zealand lost the 1993 and 1997 finals, before triumphing over Australia in 2000.

Who won’t 20 2021 final?

2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Final/Champion

How many times New Zealand won T20 WC?

Team performance

Team Appearances hideStatistics
Total Won
England 7 19
New Zealand 7 20
South Africa 7 22

Which country has most 50 over cricket World Cup?

Australia batted out their fifty overs, and ended on the highest score in World Cup final history: 359/2. Player of the tournament Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed in the first over of India’s reply but Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid combined to score 88 in their fourth wicket partnership.

How many finals New Zealand has lost?

The Kiwis also lost the 2019 ODI World Cup to England in a dramatic final that was decided on boundary count after a Super Over. Williamson interrupted a journalist when reminded of New Zealand’s three losses in World Cup finals, saying “And championship final?”

What percentage of New Zealand population is black?

1.5 percent
In the 2018 Census, 70,332 people identified with at least one Middle Eastern / Latin American / African ethnicity. This is 1.5 percent of the population, up from 1.2 percent in 2013.