Who was a young apprentice?

Who was a young apprentice?


Candidate Age Result
James McCullagh 17 Runner-Up
Haya Al Dlame 17 Fired after seventh task
Harry Hitchins 16
Harry Maxwell 16

Who won The Apprentice 2012?

Ricky Martin
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Who won Junior Apprentice 2019?

Carina Lepore
Carina Lepore (2019) Carina won The Apprentice 2019, beating 15 other contestants to claim the top prize. Lord Sugar gave her a £250,000 investment in her artisan bakery to rival Greggs called ‘Dough Bake House. ‘

Who won The Apprentice in 2013?

Leah Totton
Leah Totton – 2013 winner Leah was The Apprentice 2013 and has enjoyed quite a bit of success five years on. The Irish doctor owns her own beauty therapy clinics, which offer ‘tweakments’ and face-lifts.

Who won the apprentice in 2016?

Alana Spencer

Candidate Background Result
Alana Spencer Cake company owner Winner
Courtney Wood Novelty gift company owner Runner-up
Frances Bishop Children’s clothing company owner Fired after Interviews stage
Jessica Cunningham Online fashion entrepreneur

What is youngyoung apprentice?

Young Apprentice is a British reality television programme and a spin off of The Apprentice, in which a group of young people compete against each other in a series of business related challenges to win a £25,000 investment from British business magnate Lord Sugar.

Who won this series of Junior Apprentice?

Ten young candidates took part, and the teams were named “Instinct” and “Revolution”, with Arjun Rajyagor winning the series. The candidate won this series of Junior Apprentice. The candidate was the runner-up. The candidate won as project manager on his/her team, for this task.

What happened to the first series of the apprentice?

After concluding its first series, the BBC announced on 28 August 2010 that it had commissioned a second series of the programme, though this came with a few changes – the number of young candidates was increased to twelve, leading to the number of episodes being increased to eight; and the show’s title was changed to Young Apprentice.