Where are Orishas from?

Where are Orishas from?

orisha, also spelled orixa or orisa, any of the deities of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. They are also venerated by the Edo of southeastern Nigeria; the Ewe of Ghana, Benin, and Togo; and the Fon of Benin (who refer to them as voduns).

What type of music is Orishas?

Latin hip hop
Orishas (band)

Origin Havana, Cuba
Genres Latin hip hop, alternative hip hop
Years active 1999 – present
Labels Universal Latino Label

What are Cuban bands called?

Rumba bands traditionally use several drums, palitos, claves and call and response vocals. Abroad, rumba is primarily thought of as a glitzy ballroom dance, but its origins are spontaneous, improvised and lively, coming from the dockworkers of Havana and Matanzas.

Where is Yotuel from?

Havana, Cuba
Yotuel/Place of birth

Who is the youngest Orisha?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Ayagunna is the youngest path, or avatar, of the undergod Obatala in the Lukumi (Santería) pantheon. In this manifestation, Obatala is a youth who battles with a scimitar. He is credited with having spread gunpowder throughout the world.

Who are the 7 orishas?

Women ordinarily do not confer that initiation on men. Another common initiation is the intitiation into the Seven African Powers (Elegua, Obatala, Oggun, Chango, Yemaya, Oshun, and Orunmilla). Devotees from Cuba often replace Orunmilla with Babalu-Aye. The Seven African Powers are consecrated into one eleke.

How do you know if your child is Oshun?

She is one of the most popular and venerated orishas. If you see the number 5 a lot (my two most recent apartments were on the 5th floor), are attracted to the color yellow or gold and enjoy sweets, specifically honey, then you too may be a child of Oshun.

Who is Oshun sister?

Yemaya is maternal, dignified and nurturing, the spiritual mother of all. She is also an orisha of mystery, reflected in the depths of her waters. She is also often understood to be the older sister of Oshun, who oversees the rivers. She is also associated with tuberculosis and intestinal disorders.

Who are the orishas in Cuban religion?

The deities, or gods, worshipped in the Cuban Yoruba Lucumí/Santería and Brazilian Candomblé and Umbanda religions are called Orishas (or Orixás in Brazil). They are all representatives of Olodumare, the Supreme Being, who placed the Orishas on Earth to help and supervise humankind.

Who are Orishas?

Orishas are a Cuban hip hop group from Havana, Cuba, founded in 1999. The group was first called “Amenaza”, “threat” or “menace” in Spanish, and appealed to the Cuban youth who were hungry for African-American culture consisting of hip hop and rap. Orishas delved into a realm of music and that they created…

When did Orishas release a lo Cubano?

Below is the complete Bio from their website: It’s been quite a journey since Orishas released their first album ‘A Lo Cubano’ in Spain in May 1999. Lauded by the press throughout Europe ever since it came out, the group launched into a marathon tour that started in summer 1999.… read more

How did Los Orishas start?

Los Orishas began as Cuban rap group Amenaza in the early 1990s. Led by Joel Pando, Amenaza became the first rap group to address the issue of racial identity in Cuban society. In 1998, the members of Amenaza traveled to Paris to perform and accepted a record deal with a European label.