What is the Hetzer in World of Tanks?

What is the Hetzer in World of Tanks?

Kfz. 138/2), later known as Hetzer (“baiter”), was a German light tank-destroyer of the Second World War based on a modified pre-war Czechoslovakian Panzer 38(t) chassis. The project was inspired by the Romanian “Mareşal” tank destroyer. The name “Hetzer” was, at the time, not commonly used for this vehicle.

Was the Hetzer a good tank?

Small, low and easy to hide, fairly nimble, and with a powerful gun, the Hetzer made an excellent tank destroyer. The effective weapons, low profile, and well-sloped armor make it fully adaptable to both its main roles in combating enemy tanks and supporting infantry in both attack and defense.”

How many Hetzer tanks were built?


Jagdpanzer 38
No. built Approx. 2,827
Variants See Variants
Mass 15.75 tonnes (34,722 lb)

Where did the name Hetzer come from?

German: occupational name for a hunter with hounds, Middle High German hetzer.

Is the Hetzer in War Thunder?

Tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer in action in War Thunder. Realistic Ground Battles with a BR 4.7 line in War Thunder plus Replay Video. However, the Hetzer is most effective in the 37 percent of the battles, which take place directly on BR 4.7 (290 entry points for it here).

What means Hetzer?

Wiktionary. Hetzer. noun. (idiomatic) someone or something that tends to inspire mobs.

What is the Hetzer in World of tanks?

The Hetzer was produced from April 1944 to May 1945, with a total of 2,584 vehicles manufactured. It is a very different tank from its predecessor, the Marder II. Initially, its poor speed and restricted arc of fire seem to be a downgrade from the long-range firepower of the Marder II; a point that provokes a lot of mixed opinions from players.

What is a Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer?

The Jagdpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer (ordnance inventory designation Sd.Kfz. 138/2) was a German tank destroyer based on the chassis of the Panzer 38 (t), which was produced in large numbers during the last phase of WWII.

Where did the German Hetzer come from?

British historian Mark Axworthy suggests that the design for the Hetzer was likely rooted in the Romanian Mareşal tank destroyer. In November–December 1943, a Romanian commission ordered from Germany and German-occupied France several components which could not be made in Romania and this drew German attention to the Mareşal.

Was the Hetzer a success or failure?

The Hetzer proved to be a success: its small dimension made it perfectly suitable for defensive warfare, namely ambushes, where its good firepower and frontal armor enable it to damage or destroy bigger opponents but it also reduce the crew’s comfort inside for it is a less spacious vehicle and they were sometimes cramped.