What is the Bilderberg Group?

What is the Bilderberg Group?

The Bilderberg meetings are also unofficially called the “Bilderberg Group”, “Bilderberg conference” or “Bilderberg Club”. Meetings are organized by a steering committee with two members from each of approximately 18 nations. Official posts include a chairman and an Honorary Secretary General.

How often does the Bilderberg Group meet?

The Bilderberg Group meets once every year. The last meeting, at the time of this writing, was held in June 2016 at the Taschenbergpalais hotel that is located in Dresden. Up to 150 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful political leaders attend the annual event.

What happened to the media coverage of Bilderberg?

By 2000, Media coverage of the group was limited to only a small-one line while many conspiracy Theorists became more suspicious of Bilderberg, in time even people who were not conspiracy theorists became suspicious. Among these, were Jim Tucker and the Russian news media.

Where is the Bilderberg Hotel?

The hotel is situated in a quiet location, approximately 7 km west of the city of Arnhem. It is owned and operated by the Bilderberg hotel chain, which runs 12 hotels and an event location in the Netherlands and one hotel in Germany. At the time of the 1954 conference, it was a medium-sized family-run hotel.

Founded by an Ex-Nazi and an Agent of the Vatican The co-founders of the Bilderberg Group were two historical figures with checkered backgrounds. They were Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands and Józef Retinger who was a political advisor, originally from Poland, who worked with the Vatican.

What are the facilities at Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek?

As a guest of Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, you are welcome to use our fitness facilities, sauna, Turkish bath and indoor swimming pool. Our fitness facilities include a treadmill, elliptical trainer and weights. The sauna is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Bathing attire is required in the pool and wellness facilities.

Why stay at hothotel de Bilderberg?

Hotel De Bilderberg offers you two excellent restaurants. In Trattoria Artusi, you will enjoy rich Italian cuisine, full of flavour but without pretension accompanied by pure, authentic Italian wines. Or stop by Julia’s Kitchen for Franco-American favourites with a nod to the 1950s.

What happens after the Bilderberg meetings?

The Chairman of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg, and the group chief executive of BP, Robert Dudley, the vice-chairman of Galp Energia from Portugal, and the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell all met with finance ministers and top political leaders. After the Bilderberg Group meeting, they do not report back to their respective governments about what happened.

What happened to the Bilderberg Group after Brexit?

Two weeks after the June 2016 Bilderberg meeting, the Bilderberg Group faced another setback when the UK voted to leave the EU. The Bilderberg Group is in the process of regrouping, yet certainly has not been stopped with continuing plans to achieve their goals. The Bilderberg Group supported the formation of the EU and plans to do more.

What is the history of the Hotel de Bilderberg?

“The Hotel de Bilderberg was a medium-sized family-run hotel, chosen mainly for its quiet and remote location in the forests of the eastern Netherlands. It was not a particularly fancy hotel…but security was relatively easy to maintain since there was only one access road.”