What is TestLink test management tool?

What is TestLink test management tool?

TestLink is a test management tool used to track and maintain the records of all STLC phases starting from the Test Plan to the Report Creation phase. This is a brief tutorial that introduces the readers to the basic features of TestLink. This tutorial will guide the users on how to utilize the tool in reporting and maintain the testing activities.

How to export test projects/test suites from TestLink to another server?

Step 1: From the navigation bar, click on Test Reports option Step 2: From the left side panel, select “Test Report” link Testlink provides the features to export test projects/test suites in your Testlink and then you can import them into another Testlink project on different server or system.

How to link requirements to test cases in TestLink?

In TestLink, one can link the requirements to the test cases by following few of the below steps. Step 1: Navigate to ‘Test Specification’ section and open an existing test case. Step 2: As you can see in the above screenshot, a ‘Requirement’ button is present along with an icon.

How do I start using TestLink?

With the installation now complete, you can now start using TestLink by navigating the URL http://localhost/testlink/ and using ‘admin’ as the default credential for both username and password. Once a new project has been created for a specific purpose, it will then have test plans, test suites, and test cases.

How do I create a TestLink project?

What is TestLink? Step 1 : Open the Testlink home-page and enter the login details Step 1: In the main window click on Test Project Management, it will open another window Step 2: Click on the tab “create” to create a new project.

How to create user roles in TestLink?

Below is list of default roles in Testlink and their rights – Step 1: From the Testlinks home-page, click on users/roles icon from the navigation bar Step 2: Click Create Step 3: Fill out all the users details and click the “Save” button Here in the list, we can see the users have been created Step 4: Allotting test project role to the user,