What is Nepeta God tier?

What is Nepeta God tier?

After Nepeta’s death a version of her is seen with a god tier Karkat, and it seems she has finally found happiness with (a version of) Karkat.

When did Jade God tier?

John and Jade tiered on their respective planets, John sometime in act 3/4, Jade in [S] Cascade. Dave and Rose went on their journey to “destroy” the Green Sun using the tumor, and god tiered after the multiversal device activated, creating the green sun and killing them both.

Does Karkat like Dave?

Dave can also be seen cuddling with Karkat while watching movies, which he later mentions having done so frequently. They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

Did Nepeta have a crush on karkat?

Nepeta’s feelings for Karkat parallel those of her ancestor The Disciple, a troll who had a relationship with The Signless, Karkat’s ancestor. In , a version of her is seen with a god tier Karkat, and it seems she has finally found happiness with (a version of) Karkat.

Why are Terezis eyes red?

When we first saw Terezi’s healed eyes they were blood-shot (due to faygo, or a bad sleep, or both), however the veins in her eyes were orange as opposed to teal. In humans of course blood-shot eyes are red because of our blood, which lead to some confusion as to why the veins in Terezi’s eyes were not teal.

What is the alchemiter and how to use it?

The Alchemiter is one of three devices that can be created by the Sburb client immediately after installation. Found within the Phernalia Registry, Cruxite dowels can be placed on the pedestal where they will be scanned and an object will be created by the Alchemiter using alchemy.

What is the upgrade to the alchemy machine?

The ALCHEMITER is upgraded with a huge metal bust of this awesome bro, and Dave’s blender. The device has been reduced to an utterly useless heap of shit. With the holopad and totem lathe additions. Dave was the first to get this upgrade.

How much does a John alchemized clock cost?

John alchemized a smaller version, costing only 5,000 units each of Build Grist, Garnet, Diamond, and Gold and one Quartz. The inclusion of one piece of quartz is explained by the fact that some clocks use a small piece of quartz to keep time by subjecting the crystal to an electric current and measuring its vibrations.

How does the alchemiter work in Fallout 76?

While the Alchemiter at first glance appears to only allow duplication of objects, John discovers that new items can be created by combining the hole-patterns of two or more items in various ways. This creates an item that usually shares qualities of all of the original items.