What is Kimguard material?

What is Kimguard material?

Sequential Wrapping HALYARD Sterilization Wrap, using KIMGUARD* technology, was invented by Halyard USA in 1978 to provide an affordable, high-performance alternative to traditional cloth wrapping materials and bulky metal containers.

Are sterilization wraps reusable?

Current Use of Sterilization Wraps Advantages of these cloths included that they were soft, reusable, inexpensive, absorbent, and drapeable (i.e., able to drape easily over trays).

How does sterilization wrap work?

Sterilization wrap works by allowing the sterilizing agent (e.g., steam, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, etc.) to penetrate and then providing a barrier to maintain sterility of the wrapped surgical instruments.

Can sterilization wrap be cut to size?

Knives can easily cut the wrap. Prior to use, assure that all medical devices intended to be sterilized while wrapped within the Kimberly-ClarK* Sterilization Wraps are compatible with and sterilizable by the sterilization modality and cycle listed in the Indications for Use in these directions.

What is a surgical wrap?

Surgical blue wrap, used to cover sterile surgical instruments and materials, is made of polypropylene, which is lightweight and durable – and also incredibly non-biodegradable.

Is surgical drape washable?

reusable draping materials. Surgical drapes are made of either multiple- or single-use materials, with a wide range of designs and performance characteristics. Reusable materials are composed of tightly woven textiles and/or knitted cotton and can be pre-treated with antimicrobial chemicals.

What is a surgical wrapper?

What are Sterilisation wraps?

Sterifit® Sterilisation Wraps are made from SMS bonded polypropylene. They are suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, and plasma sterilisation processes. Dual colouring allows for easy detection of strikethrough, tears and punctures.

What is SMS sterilization wrap?

Steri-Wrap Unite 60 sterilization wraps allow effective sterilant penetration and maintain the sterility of reusable devices during handling and storage. The two-color sheet allows for easier visualization of damage, tears, or punctures and can be used to differentiate between loaner and facility-owned trays.

What is the proper way to wrap hinged instruments?

To wrap instruments and other items for steam sterilization, use two layers of paper, newsprint, or muslin or cotton fabric. Do not use canvas for steam sterilization, since steam may not penetrate this material. When wrapping items for dry-heat sterilization, use foil, double-layered cotton, or muslin fabric.