What are the causes of being street children?

What are the causes of being street children?

We have found that children may migrate to the streets for other reasons as well, including:

  • sexual, physical or emotional abuse,
  • urbanisation,
  • HIV / AIDS,
  • being forced into criminal activity,
  • being rejected from their family for so called “moral” reasons,
  • mental health issues,
  • substance abuse,

What are the causes and effects of a street children?

The results indicate that the main factors behind pushing children to the street are poverty, unemployment, orphaned, and disability, which leads these children towards terrorism and many other social evils. Such children are viewed negatively by the people and are considered a social burden.

What are the causes of Streetism?

Causes of street-ism

  • Poverty. Children who are from poor families in Ghana are likely to find themselves on the streets.
  • Parental neglect. Another related cause of streetism is parental neglect.
  • Rural urban migration.
  • Second generational street children.
  • Truancy.
  • Health hazards.
  • Sexual assaults.
  • Increase in crime wave.

What are street children?

There are two groups of street children. The first group is ‘Children of the street’, which refers to children who are homeless, and streets in urban areas are their source of livelihood, where they sleep and live. There are two main causes of the phenomenon of street children.

What are the causes of street children in Africa?

So many children are living part or full-time on the streets driven by the loss of family, lack of financial support or intolerable living situations at home. Once on the street, normal childhood ends and going to school can be impossible.

What are the causes for children of street vendors in Ghana?

Analysis revealed that children are on the street with their parents as a result of socio-economic problems (such as economic stagnation, urbanization, rural-to-urban migration, inadequate housing, high birth rates, and the absence of government assistance programmes) which have plagued the country for many years.

What is the main problem of street children?

Growth problems are also common with these children. The health of children growing up on the streets is strongly compromised. In fact, they don’t have access to sanitary facilities: they are often dirty and infested with fleas. Also, because of their lack of hygiene, street children are exposed to different diseases.

What were some problems with streets?

The living situation of street is filled with difficulties and often related with drug abuse, violence, crime, family disruption, abandonment, disease, prostitution, and so forth (Debrito, 2014).