What are non common words?

What are non common words?

The 20 Least-Known Words In English

  • genipap.
  • futhorc.
  • witenagemot.
  • gossypol.
  • chaulmoogra.
  • brummagem.
  • alsike.
  • chersonese.

What is the most uncommon word used?

50 Rare Words That Are Useful to Know

  • Synecdoche (noun)
  • Timorous (adjective)
  • Ubiquitous (adjective)
  • Uhtceare (noun)
  • Ultracrepidarian (noun)
  • Verisimilitude (noun)
  • Visceral (adjective)
  • Zeugma (noun)

What words do little kids use?

Words used by or to young children – thesaurus

  • bang. interjection. used especially by children for representing the sound made by a gun.
  • be a love and . . . phrase. used for asking a child or someone in your family to do something for you.
  • big. adjective.
  • birdie. noun.
  • bow-wow. interjection.
  • bow-wow. noun.
  • bunny. noun.
  • choo-choo. noun.

What do you call a non word?

A pseudoword is a unit of speech or text that appears to be an actual word in a certain language, while in fact it has no meaning in the lexicon. It is a kind of non-lexical vocable. nonsense words (e.g. jabberwocky) nonce words (e.g. galumph)

What is the least commonly used letter?

If you want to know which letters are used least in everyday English, you might agree with Samuel Morse’s J, X, and Z. In dictionaries, J, Q, and Z are found the least, but some of the words are rarely used.

What are some words no one uses?

Here are seven words I think we should start using again immediately.

  • Facetious. Pronounced “fah-see-shuss”, this word describes when someone doesn’t take a situation seriously, which ironically is very serious indeed.
  • Henceforth.
  • Ostentatious.
  • Morrow.
  • Crapulous.
  • Kerfuffle.
  • Obsequious.

What are the odd word?

Odd words means the word which does not match with other words of the group. Here you’ll have a set of words in which every words are related in some manner or they follow certain pattern except one and that one word will become odd word. Example : Hence, calculator is the odd word.

What can upset a child?

5 things parents do that upset children

  1. Lack of attention. Children of any age want to be noticed and generally attention from us is what they are after.
  2. Inconsistency. Children may say they don’t like or need our rules but they don’t really mean it.
  3. Rules without reasons.
  4. Personal parental problems.
  5. Overprotectiveness.

What are examples of non-words?

Non-words can include all sorts of modern slang, informal language and nonstandard words too. Aks – It’s just a variant of “ask,” sometimes also spelled as “axe” or “ax.” Bae – This backronym for “before anyone else” is a term of endearment for a significant other, like a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What are some two letter words for kids?

Common Two Letter Words: Find Out Most Common Two Letter Words In English For Kids Such as Is, In, It, By, He, On, No, Us, Am, To, Etc. Read On To Find Out More Information.

What non words can you use in Scrabble?

Indeed, several of the non-words listed above may be playable in your game of choice. Both “alright” and “thusly” are playable words in both Scrabble and Words With Friends, for example. So are “hisself” and “irregardless.” But, “conversate” and “brang” aren’t valid plays.

Are there any non words that are wrong?

Also called pseudowords, non-words can sometimes sound like a whole lot of jabberwocky. Then again, you might catch yourself using some of these words in everyday speech. They’re nonstandard at best and totally wrong at worst. Agreeance – This archaic, outdated term is equivalent to “agreement.” Use that instead.