Is hashirama Senju stronger than Minato?

Is hashirama Senju stronger than Minato?

Hashirama is stronger than Minato, but people forget that Minato isn’t a brute force type fighter even as Edo Tensei even though he’s practically immortal in a way.

Who was stronger Tobirama or Minato?

Minato had the advantage in terms of speed but Tobirama had better strength, stamina, and jutsu variety. It would not be a one-sided battle, but Tobirama should ultimately be able to defeat Minato.

Who’s faster Tobirama or Minato?

Minato, rasengan creator, hailed as the fastest shinobi of his time and a better FTG user than Tobirama, its creator. Tobirama, FTG creator, Suiton master, hailed as the fastest shinobi of his time and able to compete with Madara in life (admitted by Madara himself).

Can Minato defeat hashirama?

All of Hashirama’s Wood Release techniques wouldn’t be much help if the Fourth Hokage can just teleport around them. Minato can also attain a powerful Sage Mode akin to Hashirama’s, albeit even more intense. The Fourth Hokage’s speed, maneuverability, and ninjutsu capabilities would almost certainly give him the win.

Is Prime hiruzen stronger than Minato?

Hiruzen was actually stated by someone in the manga to be the strongest in Part 1 chapter 94, not Minato. Nothing was known about Minato except he sealed Kurama in Naruto and that he used Rasengan.

Why is hashirama Senju so strong?

b) Hashirama did use even Senjutsu. People with Sennin Mode can manipulate Nature’s Energy, too. This made him more powerful than his normal state. People who can manipulate Nature’s Energy become more powerful.

Who killed hashirama Senju?

Then, Why Nobody Avenge Kakuzu For His Attempt? It’s unclear when the date was, but one thing for sure that at that time during the First Shinobi World War, Takigakure Village once sent Kakuzu to kill Hashirama Senju.

Who is stronger hashirama or Naruto?

Naruto is god tier and stronger than Hashirama but he technically isn’t. The only reason Naruto would defeat him is if he uses his Six Paths Sage Mode. Because Hashirama can use Sage Mode just like Naruto, so Naruto’s Toad Sage Mode would not help him. And not only that Hashirama can maintain it just like Naruto.

Can jiraiya beat Minato?

SM Jiraiya can beat Hokage Minato in hard battle, but BM Minato is too strong. Minato is the worst perfect sage,he is the only one that doesn’t have any way to keep his SM activated for too long.

Can Minato beat mokuton?

Not that it matters. When it comes to all of the big jutsu that made Hashirama a beast, Minato should have no problem whatsover avoiding any and all Mokuton, even the Buddha. He should be able to make it in close eventually and make this a close range fight.

What’s the difference between Minato and Tobirama?

Tobirama possibly has edo tensei, while minato’s very good in sealing techniques. Tobirama’s apparently quick to act, while minato doesn’t waste a moment. Tobirama has great proficiency in water techniques, minato has rasengan. But minato also has space-time barriers, and toad summon.

Could Minato have beaten Hashirama?

Not to mention, the fact that Hashirama utilizes multiple Wood Clones in Battle. Minato would not be able to hit Hashirama. Also, knowing Minato’s ability, it’s obvious that it’s a smart decision to make clones to completely confuse and render Minato clueless in battle ( Naruto kinda did the same against Neji in Part 1.

Can Senju break Orochimaru’s restraint?

Senju share the same characteristics, if not arguably greater; Hashirama completely broke Orochimaru’s restraint on him and Tobirama was able to do this until Orochimaru used Hashirama’s cells to strengthen the binding. This was all due to powerful chakra and it’s a feat Nagato was unable to accomplish.